#ChicagoMed S2 Ep.3 "Natural History" Recap and Review

This week's episode might have been better than last week's episode as it had two relatives in different sides to a doctor still dealing with a new mentor.

At a family BBQ reunion of Maggie's, Halstead joins the party and meets everyone there. When Maggie's sister comes, she only stays for a few minutes and try to fly back to Dallas, TX. Well that flight will have to make a detour to Med when she crashed her car while leaving the party.

Maggie's sister doesn't want to get any test or stuff, but after a talk with Maggie, Halstead runs some test. It was then that one of the test showed something that's not quite right as in she could have cancer. It was soon that Halstead had to run an ultrasound on her and soon sees something that's not right, but apparently Maggie's sister has a prostate gland and she tells him that she's transgender. This doesn't come to a surprise to Maggie as she knew and didn't tell Halstead.

This opened both Maggie and her sister into the topic that Maggie misses her brother.But after the two argued they've never been closer than before. After getting the right test results, it showed that Maggie's sister has cancer and she decided to stay in Chicago and get treated.

Rhodes deals with a patient that is in desire to get into surgery when the patient is a high profile businessman. The patient needs surgery and his wife can't wait for a second opinion so Rhodes takes the case and has a plan, something that Downey would do.

But when Goodwin doesn't like what Rhodes is doing, she tells him to get Dr Latham to perform the surgery even though it's a Jewish holiday.  Latham didn't like the idea of what and how Rhodes decision to perform this kind of surgery but it shows that during when Latham ordered Rhodes to step back when time is getting close to call.

The two settled, and it seems that things are back to the way they were. Hopefully, Rhodes would think of other options down the road instead of just using what Downey would have done.

Choi gets a patient who's pregnant but later comes to find out that she's not. He goes to Charles and Reese about it, and Reese thinks it's hysterical pregnancy. Even thought she might look pregnant and feel pregnant, there's no baby in there.

It was Reese who had to break the news to the couple, and that didn't turn out well for her at all. But that only made Reese find a way to prove that she is n't exactly having a baby, but Choi and Charles believe that the best is to let them leave under their will.

She doesn't take the defeat too well, but she did have a chance to talk to the mother, and she gave Reese some thought about looking into one of psychologist theories and gave Charlies something to think about...taking a couple of chips from her.

I thought this episode was wonderful. We got to meet Maggie's family for a little bu also her sister too, and the fact that the two has a bit of a conflict over her sister's transgender was a good storyline. Every time I see Reese doing something, and it doesn't go well I just feel bad instantly but that's how it's done. I've really never seen a pregnancy like that before.

I also feel that Jeff might be pushing it a bit much to Natalie with the comments and other things. And not to mention Rhodes and Latham is a really good character storyline this season. Rhodes is likely to go over Latham's head from time to time and using what he learn from Downey isn't gonna help him get through this year, so maybe he might need to be better learning too from Latham.

What did you think of the episode? Like it? Hate it? Could have been better? Leave a comment! 

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