#ChicagoMed S3, Ep. 20 "The Tipping Point" Season Finale Recap/Review

"The Tipping Point"

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The season finale of Chicago Med had everything you were hoping and still leaving you wanting more, but it left with some pretty shocking moments.

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Let's begin with the biggest part of the episode: the separation of the twins. Even after Rhodes' stepped down after losing a patient in last week's episode, he still gets his hands in on it no matter what. Playing more from behind the scenes, he finally got in there to help perform a difficult procedure that required a shunt in the heart and later helping with the separation. It left with a very nice offer to Rhodes a position at the Mayo Clinic and after telling Bekker about it, it kind of broken things with them.

Ethan gets worried about his sister running away, and April reminds him that what she did was wrong to take and steal pain meds from the hospital. But when Deb and Kiki come in with abdominal pain, throwing up and liver enlargement, turns out that they have Hep. A and both him and Manning headed out there to check on the others. There they not only find Laura (who's in worst shape) but Ethan's sister as well. Laura got the worst of the case, and that also includes Hep. C. With her diagnosis, Laura's baby, that was adopted, had to come in to get tested and after seeing her for a few minutes and learning that she will be okay then Laura's condition took a tumble and died.

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Reese has been trying to take care of her dad by helping him pick a nursing home for his rehab and let alone helping him get exercise too (walking). Charles gets word about the parents of the college student that was murdered, and after a couple of minutes talking with Haywood, he managed to have a chat with the parents and to find an item that was missing from her room (stuff monkey) which would later be found in Haywood's apartment.

Goodwin not only had to deal with the big twin separation news but also was asked to be at the board meeting but it was Burt, her ex-husband, that came in after trying to kill himself. Halstead treats and tried to talk to him, even Charles tries to talk to him (even as a friend) but that didn't work til  Sharon, finally came in and talked him of what he still has, their three children, which kind of helped get him to admit of seeking help.

Now with all those moments, lets put those that left us within the state of shock and wishing for the fall season to start. After treating his sister, Ethan was determined to get the help Emily needs, but April thinks that she can't get the help due to being damaged. But Ethan isn't going to give up on her and tells her that she's coming back to stay with them that quickly turns into just being with him. After a successful day, Sharon gets word of a new Trauma chief on the floor and a new CCO of the hospital that she might need to keep an eye on


After losing Laura, a word about the twins being separated was celebrated among the hospital, and even Frisch came over to Halstead and asked if he wants to celebrate with him, for which he turns her down. But that's where Natalie finally learns who it was that he had a one night during their "break." After his plan went south, Halstead just went for it and proposal up to Natalie on the spot in the parking lot.

But real moment came when Charles confronts Haywood about the murder of the college student. As they talked,  Haywood tells Charles that he can't just give it up that he won his daughter back over what Charles had tried to do. But when Charles kinds a push Haywood after talking about still having a serial killer mind but soon collapses to the ground with his new heart-stopping leaving with Reese to come in and seeing Charles and her dad on the floor.

"The Tipping Point" seemed to be the tipping point with all good things that had to happen for the characters; it could be broken with one little saying or not informing or pushing to the limits. The season finale was as strong of an episode as ever with strong character development and leaving us some major questions about certain characters: like for one did Natalie said yes or no? Even that was an awkward proposal. But the big one was Haywood collapsing to the floor in front of Charles and Reese coming in at the end. Is he dead? If he is I assume that he caused his heart to stop in the way that he had Reese played to his hands an all. Probably not going to make the relationship between Reese and Charles good again. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10 and the season a 9/10.

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