#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 10 "All The Lonely People" Recap and Review

After a very eventful fall finale, Chicago Med is back with a bang and some highly emotional moments that even asked some questions. Here's a recap!

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The episode starts with a bang; as April gets shot by a crazy dude, who was a patient in the past, that has hate for women. As much as he wanted to get revenge, Ethan treated the patient. Dr. Charles gets Dr. Curry's help to evaluate the patient, but she thinks that the guy is crazy because he was so lonely and made things worst. Well, the shooter was taken into custody.

During Dr. Charles' evaluation on the shooter, he notices that Curry isn't very friendly around others even eats alone and does many, many projects for her Ph.D. Charlies asked Curry if she was depressed. But she throws the question back at him and walks out. We later see Dr. Charles thinking that if he's depressed too.

Conner and Ava take things to a new level, but when he asked her to go with him to the gala for the hybrid OR, she declines. She does have an excellent good reason: because of his dad. As Conner meets with the press, Ava grabs him to tell him she wants to go because his father has been saying nasty rumors. But is it rumors? Even after Conner punches him, he replies with "what did she tell you?" But he walks off.

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Not to mention, Conner takes a case of a son accidentally shot himself with a nail-gun. But it wasn't the medical case that was the problem, but mainly a worried father making his son worried about having surgery. As soon as things begin to go well, the kid's air levels were not good because of the tube to help him breathe, and that got the father in a real panic mode. Conner calls Ava to assist him after that mess with success.

Well, I had to save the best for last in this case for #Manstead. Natalie gets word from the FBI that Will is coming home, but he's a bit jumpy. But she gets a bigger surprise that he's back that same day and sees her at the hospital. Yeah might be pissed but she was so happy to see him again and alive. Things look well so far until they go home and she sees that he has a licensed gun. Well, after seeing that she tells him that he can't stay with her with that gun in the house and he leaves. Of course, he doesn't need a gun, and he's got his brother, Jay!

"All the Lonely People" was an excellent and very emotional at times of an episode. The moment Natalie and Will reunited was very emotional. Not to mention, Natalie comforting a newly father that lost his wife — and watching Ethan and April going at it too. Ethan still cares for April, and I don't think he's true feelings are gone yet.

Also watching Casey Tutton, who plays Nurse Monique Lawson, was amazing and stole the episode with her character going through the emotions of the shooting but blaming herself for turning the shooter down for a cup of coffee.

Overall, I give this episode 9/10.

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