#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 14 Can't Unring That Bell" Recap and Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

Maggie fights to keep her patient by making a sacrifice. Conner is in a situation about his decision making of a former patient. Will is dealing with both his patient but Conner's patient as well. Here's a recap!

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Maggie's friend comes back to the ED again for fluid overload. But when she finds out that her patient is on the bottom of the kidney transplant; she makes the most significant decision of donating her kidney to her. Of course, Sharon does what she can to stop it, but after Maggie offered the FMLA card, Sharon understands and approves the transplant. 

Conner learns that he's under review about the patient that he placed in the ICU. After learning that everything was okay thanks to Ava saying that she thought Conner did what he did to save the patient. But after talking with Lanik, Conner thinks who could have turned him in for that committee review; Ava? He confronts her and asked her and feels that she needs help, but she tells him that he's the one that needs help. 

Will deals with what I would call it a hit of real reality. Not only does he help try to save a patient who's gone into cardiac arrest and trying to keep him alive; but he sees Conner's patient was shot from a guy that had his stolen gun. He works to look at any updates of Conner's patient and learns that the kid has a bullet in the spin and can't feel his left leg, but no surgery as it could be even worst. But Will talked to the parents and got them to wanting the surgery, which he did, and it worked was ..  As for Will's patient, his heart wasn't working after over what seems to be 30 minutes of CPR, had to stop and let him go. 

Also, Natalie treats the baby that she delivered a while ago that the mother ended up dying. She and the father of the baby seem to get close; even gets questioned by Will about it. But Natalie tells him that she is just comforting him that he could lose his baby. Dr. Charles' date seemed to go well till he learns that his date has a daughter that's a drug addict and after trying to save her from seemed to be a heart condition, she bails out of the ED to get drugs again. 

"Can't Unring That Bell' was another good and intense episode. I enjoyed the Maggie storyline as she's trying to help save a patient that she ignored her. What a strong performance from Marlyne Barrett.

As for Conner and Ava, I can't pick a side to whether if she's telling to the truth or not. I hope we get to see an episode where she talks to a therapist of Dr. Charles. Will need a work day like that and maybe rethink and go to therapy, but he also got Natalie thinking too that perhaps she should listen to him better instead of assuming.

As much as Dr. Charles and his date was humor at times, the rest with the drug addict daughter was a bit predictable at times, and it was one of the weakest stories in the episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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