#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 17 "The Space Between Us" Recap and Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

In this episode of Chicago Med titled "The Space Between Us" was once again another hit episode so far of the season. That only said that there were somethings that I couldn't care at the time during this episode. 


Natalie and Will work together to take care of a patient, who's been suffering from cystic fibrosis; and waiting on a pair of lungs. But things get dicey when Will has to put in a chest tube to help the kid breathe, that leads to the lung transplant to be denied for him. But the patient's girlfriend, who also is suffering from the same condition, gets the pair of lungs thanks to Will and his brave heart of emotions. 

April and Choi are at a crossroads when a Med staff is run over by a car and is trapped. April tries to keep the pressure on the wound; while waiting for CFD to help left the car off of him so they could slide him out. But Choi, with his emotions out of whack; trying to keep April safe but she doesn't want t leave the patient alone. It turns into opposites of medical judgment between them, and even though both got out safe, it could be a long recovery for the patient. 

Ava and Conner are at it again; when not only treating the patient who ran over and landed on that staff guy. They have opposites of opinion on the cause and treatment, but the patient decides that he wants the tumor in his heart out with surgery. After trying to succeed but seem to fail, Conner gets word from Robin about a new way to help save his patient, and it worked, but it also made Ava jealous too.  

One of the least favorite stories was Dr. Charles, who's trying to help take care of his ex-wife's treatment but she doesn't want any of it. So he takes it out on Curry's patient, who uses a tapeworm to help with her M.S. Charles doesn't see the help of it and tries to keep her in the psych ward, but let her go after a talk with Goodwin. 

I enjoyed watching this episode as it brought enough emotions and thrills to the table. Whether it's  April and the staff member would get out from under the car alive was pretty intense, or Natalie and Will treating two cystic fibrosis patients that really got to me and grabbing the tissues again. It also made me think of re-watching Titanic again. The Charles story was okay that didn't take off for me; as well as the Conner and Ava with their patient and Robin helping. There were outstanding character developing as well as the performances too. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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