#ChicagoMed S4, Ep 3 "Heavy Is The Head" Recap/Review

Conner and Maggie put to the test of saving a patient while a med student is in questioned of her methods.  Here’s a recap of Chicago Med!

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As Conner’s hybrid OR is almost ready, a patient comes in with a sick heart and is need of repair. Conner can’t get him up to the OR in time and decides to use his hybrid OR, which upsets Maggie. With the typical OR nurse can’t find anything, Maggie steps in and helps Rhodes. In the end, Conner and Maggie saved the patient, and he thinks that she would be great if she works with him in the OR. That might come differently for Maggie.

Natalie and Curry treat a woman, who’s in the early stage of pregnancy, is suffering pain. All signs point out to be an ectopic pregnancy, but the mother won’t consent to the surgery thinking that God will help save this baby. Even Charles talks to her but sees that she’s talking and thinking clearly about her decision. Curry doesn’t like it and misinforms the mother about that there isn’t a heartbeat and had got the surgery. But Charlies learn that the equipment didn’t malfunction and confronted Curry and tells her that he’s going to look thoroughly of her cases.

Ethan and April deal with a child, who’s in need of a kidney transplant. But they learn that the father is red flagged as he kidnapped him and called the cops. As he got arrested, his son gets worst and tries to look for a kidney. Seeing that the father is a match, Gwen orders the team not to do the transplant. But the father later shoots himself in the head and Choi had no other options but to do the operation.

And when all things seem to go Halstead’s way, after treating his father’s old friend, he asked if he could rent out a place that he owns for the wedding reception. After agreeing to terms, he tells Natalie about the deal. As they are thrilled about it; it turns out when a visit from Jay turns things upside down. The guy is a mob boss, who’s been under watch for a while now and ask Will to step away.

“Heavy is the Head” is not only a great song from the Zac Brown Band, but it’s also a great episode. As much as Ethan and April’s story in this episode was compelling; it was fascinating to see Conner and Maggie work together. The Curry story was shocking and pushing Charles is something I would be afraid to look from now on. And I don’t think Will will turn down the place. I don’t know why not have a wedding at Molly’s, right?

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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