#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 5 "What You Don't Know" Recap/Review

Will things get better to those that know the truth? Here's a recap of this week's Chicago Med. 

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Things get dicey for Will when the FBI gets him to put a listening device in Ray's house. After coming back to the hospital, Natalie can see something is up with him.  She sees Will walked out of the hospital, where he talked to Ray.  Ray tells Will that he hasn't been honest about how he's feeling and Will calms him down; as its really him that needs to calm down.  Later, Natalie confronts him about what's worrying him. He lies to her about how worried he is with the reception hall. 

Conner tries to get Ava and everyone in the hospital to sign a petition for his ED OR to have a bypass machine and trying to get the name of the donor that made his OR happen. Ava, who's worried about him telling the truth, tells him that he shouldn't need more as he should look at what's in front of him. He does, and I think that may be opened things up for them.

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Ava, on the other hand, worked with Dr. Charles when a patient comes in that they think was trying to commit suicide has Huntington's disease. He wants no heroic measures to save him, but his son wants him to live. The father was hiding his illness from his son and tries to keep it a secret from him, but the son could have the disease too. So both Ava and Charles told the son, after his father dies, that he can request an autopsy and learn from there. 

After that Ava tries to tell Conner about who the donor is, but he tells her that he doesn't need to know. He says her that his eyes are wide open not only to the ED OR but may be them. 

Natalie battles between a mother, who wants her daughter to have a rape kit done. Natalie tries to explain to the mother that she can't do a rape kit without her daughter's consent. But the mother tells Natalie her own story when she got raped; which finally told her daughter which later decided to have a rape kit done. 

Ethan and Apil probably had one hell of an episode when after seeing Emily's sonogram with Bernie.   With everything going smooth, they get a visit from Bernie who had a slip and needs surgery. But the shocker comes when they see Bernie's wife and daughter. 

Ethan brings Emily back to the ED, and she sees him. But it doesn't go so well when Bernie's wife meets Emily and soon runs off. Ethan hopes that Emily would leave Bernie, but she's not and going to stick with him. Oh boy!

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"What You Don't Know" was a fantastic and at times intense episode. There were a lot of moments that stood out from this episode. My top three was Will's undercover and confronted moments, Natalie's helping a mother's secret and Ava and Charles dealing with Huntington's disease.  It had some strong character development, mainly for Ava, which I enjoyed. I think this was Norma Kuhling's best performance as Dr. Bekker. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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