#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 6 "Lesser of Two Evils" Recap/Review

When a child's life is in the balance, a secret will be revealed. This and many more plus a party for Natalie and Will in this recap of Chicago Med.


When Ethan and April take care of a child whose kidneys aren't working correctly leads to Wilson's Disease.  She needs a transplant, but her parents aren't her biological parent. When Dr. Charles comes in to help, he feels there's something more than what meets the eye. The truth comes out when the mother tells Charles and Ethan that they didn't fully adopt her, but saved her as her when she was all alone while her birth mother was getting high. The birth mother comes, but her daughter doesn't want to see her at all. But even that happen she wanted to thank the people that took her in.

Conner and Lanik continue to butt heads this week, and I was looking for some fist to face a moment, but I know Conner is better. When seeing Terry brings Lanik coffee and other things; Conner is just amazed at how much scutwork Terry is doing. But when a trauma comes in, Lanik puts the pressure on Terry to place a central line in, but he fails nervously. Conner gives some advice to Terry while he tells him that maybe being a doctor was a bad choice. The patient needs to lose his good leg to save us life. Lanik doesn't think it's essential to save the guy because Conner thinks he's afraid that he'll sue him.

While getting ready for a Bachelor and Bachelorette party, Natalie and Will treat a woman, who's showed bruises on her face down to her hips.  Thinking that it's her husband, Natalie gets the truth out of the patient. Natalie and Will discuss their patient that she's got a blood clot and any stress would cause the lump to burst. But her husband won't listen and gets her to leave. That is until that clot burst, and they pronounced her dead. Her husband goes pretty quickly while Natalie and Will get their patient help after she faked her death.

Was it such a great Halloween theme moment?

At the party, Will talks with Jay about Ray again and tells him that he needs to bring him in for his heart condition. But Jay tells him don't because things won't be good at all. But it doesn't look like Will will leave it alone.

"Lesser Of Two Evils" was a terrific and intense episode.  The writers did a good job writing this episode. Ethan's storyline was well written, and it could be a real debate about the difference between kidnapping and saving a child's life.  I was stun, but understood what they did was for the best of the child; I think that maybe the biological mother would want to share custody with them. There were many moments too from Conner and Lanik butting heads to Conner and Ava having some good moments and Will and Natalie's party too. I think that Will will do what he thinks is best as a doctor to treat his patients. Sorry, Jay

.Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. You can catch Chicago Med Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.