#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 7 "The Poison Inside Us" Recap/Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

As the ED goes on Emergency lockdown, will chaos rules? Here's a recap of Chicago Med.

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After saying goodbye to Emily and Bernie, Ethan deals with a patient requested that he sees him. But it turns out that he wasn't a patient but a widower of a patient that died under Ethan's care. He demanded answers from Ethan, or he'll release a canister of an unknown substance. As Ethan tells him what happened with his wife, it just wasn't enough and opens the canister, but as Ethan dives on him, it was too late. 

The ED goes on an emergency bypass lockdown, which not only has patients moved to the ambulance bay, but Conner and Ava deal with a patient in the ED OR, Natalie and Charlies have to perform an emergency c-section on a bipolar patient. Will is feeling the pressure from the FBI and Jay and April springs to the moment to save Ethan. 

With the lockdown, Conner decides to keep his patient in his ED OR with Ava. When the patient's spleen wasn't healing on its own, Conner decides to perform surgery.  But with no blood to transfuse, Ava gives her own to the patient to help Conner to take the spleen out. Just as Ava is about to faint, he takes the spleen out and pulls the transfuser out of Ava.  

As Natalie and Dr. Charles treat a bipolar and pregnant patient and take her up to OB; they get stuck in on the rehab floor that wasn't done remodeling. With the lockdown and no signal to make a call, Charles advises Natalie to perform a C-Section. But Natalie gets worried and tries to tell Charlies that they need to find someone or get to someone fast. That's when he pulls the old "I'm on the phone" trick on her and as she performs the C-Section. There was some difficulty, but both mother and baby were excellent. 

After getting everyone out of the ED, Ethan becomes a victim of the toxic substance as he collapses. With both the suspect and Ethan experiencing the same symptoms; they only had one medicine that could help with their breathing. With the suspect getting treatment over Ethan, April goes back into the ED to get the same treatment. But when the suspect dies, April thinks that Ethan could be next til Fire and PD learn what the substance was: cyanide.  

Will gets pressure from the Feds when he gets Ray to come to Med to get an MRI to rule out a stroke. Even Jay doesn't give any comfort advice. After the lockdown was over and Ray and his kids walked out; Will's abdominal pain get a lot worst and with throwing up blood turns out to be an ulcer. Natalie treated him and asked the question of what's going on, but he wouldn't admit to it to her. 

As Ava recovers, she admits to Conner that she was the one who got his father to be the donor. But she admits that she didn't lose him and soon after they finally kiss. As Ethan will make a full recovery, April makes her way to see him until she sees him with his ex-girlfriend, Vicki, who happens to still be in his emergency contact list. 

"The Poison Inside Us" was like a mini-crossover episode with so many intense moments. The writing of this episode was so so strong and with strong character development. I'm finally happy for Ava and Conner for finally kissing. I don't think Ethan and Vicki are back together after this moment but I'm worried about Natalie and Will, if Will doesn't just tell her what's going on it will bite him in the butt. And I don't want #Manstead to end. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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FYI: Watching this episode threw me back to an episode of ER (the most significant medical drama of all time) in Season 4 titled “Exodus.” It’s a must see and one of the reasons ER was one of the best shows.

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