#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 9 "Death Do Us Part" Fall Finale " #ChiHards #OneChicago #Manstead Recap/Review

This week's fall finale of Chicago Med not only left us with intense drama but a shocking final moment that would leave us stunned. Here's a recap!


On his wedding day, as Will gets ready and gets fitted for his tux, he gets stopped by Ray's son asking to check up on him. There he sees that Ray is not okay and tells him that he needs to go into the hospital. But that was until another of Ray's sons finds the device that he left and well things got intense.

As Will is held, Ray collapses and Will went from looking like James Bond to MacGyever in 20 minutes as he performed brain surgery to stop the leak in Ray's brain. The operation was successful, but Ray is taken to the hospital, but Will stays and with a gun to his head. Later.

Meanwhile, at Med, Ethan and April treat a pregnant woman who's about to give birth, but the problem comes when the baby wants to be born butt first. Ethan calls for an emergency c-section but the baby was delivered naturally, and it turned out that the baby was not going to live. The parents weren't to please with the outcome and decided to leave the baby before it dies. April decides to stay with the child while Ethan and Viki went to the wedding.

Charles deals with a strange case when a husband is brought in after he was attacked by his wife, who thinks that he isn't her husband. Charles talks with the wife and from his understanding that she's got a tumor in the brain and takes scientific drugs to help stop growing, but the side effects are what's causing her to attack her husband. Charles gives her another drug, and soon it creates even more of a problem for her. But before taken her off of that, she asked for the surgery to take out the tumor. They get stopped from doing it by her husband who believes that she doesn't want it.

Conner and Ava perform surgery on a mystery man that turns out to be an informant for the FBI and Jay. Jay comes in the hospital and asking Conner for help because that guy may know where Will is being held. Conner decides to stop the surgery and move him up to the surgical floor and asked him questions, but soon he goes into cardiac arrest and dies. But did he give the location of where Will could be?

While in panic mode, Natalie is worried about where Will could be and thinks that he may be having second thoughts. After calling and calling him, she finally gets word from Maggie, who got a call from Jay that he's outside the church. She rushes out there to see Will covered in blood, from the shot that Jay took to save his life, but he had to leave fast to be placed in the witness protection from Ray and his gang. He hugs her and tells her that he loves her as he leaves her."Death Do Us Part" was an intense, high driven fall finale episode. There was everything that you would want from a mystery illness to an extreme and emotional story of the baby born only to die with not parents expect April being there. I would hope that moment would bring April and Ethan close together. But the man driven moment was Natalie and Will and the shocking moment that there won't be a wedding and that Will is gone. Also, does anyone think that Goodwin and Charles should hook up? Anyway, the writing and performance from this episode were terrific and strong. I literally can't wait for the next new episode in the new year. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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