#ChicagoMed S5, Ep. 2-3 "We're Lost in the Dark"/"In the Valley of Shadows" #ChiHards #OneChicago

"We're Lost in the Dark"

With a storm hitting Chicago what could go wrong? Power outage! Here's a recap!

As everyone's recovering from the loss of Conner and Ava; Med tackles it's the biggest challenge yet, a power outage during a storm. Natalie returns but must take things easy but when a gunshot victim comes in and Lanik not only takes over the case but makes her take him up to surgery. But as she takes him up, the power goes out and she's stuck in the elevator. Luckily for her, Casey happens to become to help and while he placed the tube for the guy to breathe, Natalie saved the guy just in time for the power to come back on.

Will takes on a case that leads to him thinking that it's an infection due to not only his patient becomes ill but her two friends as well. With no power and the lab slowdown, Dr. Charles knows what it could be, mind over matter. He gave them a placebo and all is good.

Noah comes back and meets Dr. Marcel, who's given me this Jimmy Smits meets George Clooney's vibe. The two hits it off and when treating a patient that needs heart surgery but when the power goes off it turns into a MASH type of atmosphere but in the end, they saved their patient.

Also, Maggie will be battling her will after getting her first chemo treatment. Ethan and April test a promising medical student during all of the chaos in the ED, but you would think that the kid would be excited after but he wasn't.

"We're Lost in the Dark" was a very good and exciting second episode with a good solid story plot. I very much enjoyed watching the introduction of Dr. Marcel, even though he was in the season premiere. It was in this episode that I got a bit more of who he is and I still see a bit of Jimmy Smits and George Clooney in this guy. I'm going to be so glued to Natalie and Will with what Phillip has done to them. I won't be surprised if April and Ethan try to have a baby. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

"In The Valley of the Shadows"

Support is lacking in this week's episode of Chicago Med. Here's a recap!!

When Natalie tackles a patient who came in for a burn on her leg; her condition got worse as Natalie was gonna treat her. Will questions her motive and worries about her decision making when she forgets between one medication over another that she thought she used. When Will takes over, Natalie figures out that her patient has a medical disorder.

Ethan and Charles deal with a terminal ill patient that is planning to freeze himself so when his illness has a cure they could bring him back. Charles not only deals with this but his wife, who's broke her wrist and wants to have surgery over having a cast. After learning that their patient's parents decide to go with their son's wish, Charles decides the same thing with his wife.

April and Marcil team up and treat a mother who walked in the ED after given birth, but April suspects something not right. After the mother refuses treatment for herself, April brings in DCFS but the mother is out when Marcil gave her medication to calm down. Later both get a patient that PD found and has a wound that shows she had a baby. April put two and two together and that woman cut that baby out of that mother.

And Maggie gets some help thanks to Goodwin but Maggie doesn't want it and gives the nurse hell. After bailing out during surgery with Marcil, that nurse leaves after having a strong-worded conversation. Goodwin gives Maggie a demand and Maggie picks April to take some of the load from her and maybe she'll choose to get treatment at Med too.

"In the Valley of the Shadows" was a very good episode with a few predictable moments. The woman coming in with her baby that turns out she cut the baby out of the mother's womb. But what Marcil did was a bit surprising given the fact that he has morals. The Will and Natalie story was good and so was Ethan and Charles too. I enjoyed watching Maggie's story as it was so good and powerful. Good writing and character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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