#ChicagoMed Season 2, Episode 4 & 5 "Brother's Keeper" & "Extreme Measure" Recap and Review

In the episode, "Brother's Keeper" the hospital takes on an epidemic when two patients come in with the same condition. Choi and Rhodes take on a patient, who's son is ready to let him go but not the girlfriend of the patient.

This episode might be a bit overdramatic in its promo, but it was a very good episode to start. First I can't forget to mention that there was a TV icon on the show. Daniel J. Travanti, Captain Frank Furillo from Hill Street Blues, had a guest spot as Dr. Choi and Rhodes' patient, who comes in with confused and need surgery to remove a tumor. But his son comes and tells them that he doesn't want any heroic measures.

But when Choi's patient has a hard time breathing he heard him say save me and got Rhodes to take him to surgery. Surgery was a success, but when Choi told him about his girlfriend being strong, he makes a remark and tells him that she's just a gravedigger.

Meanwhile Halstead and Manning dealing with their patients suffering from the same conditions which have them thinking of an outbreak of a superbug. Goodwin calls on Dr. Charles daughter who is the newest member of the epidemiology department. Things got scary when Manning's cancer patient wasn't breathing but finding a blockage in her throat, she got in there and pushed out the puss. It turns out that in fact the caused of this illness was an instrument that was used on them a couple of weeks ago.

Dr. Charles and Reese handles a case of a boy who resists against male doctors and wants to leave the hospital. Reese talks to him and seems to calm down just a bit. Soon "his mother" came and Reese doesn't think that he's comfortable with her. Trying to get him to stay, Reese gets a chest x-ray on him and found a chip in his chest. Charlies believes that he's part of a drug ring and that the "mother" is his pimp. But he left before they could do anything, but that won't be the last time she'll see him.

In the episode, Extreme Measures," Halstead, Shore, April. and Noah are at a marathon but a someone gets hit by a van. It leaves Halstead in a tough situation of how to treat him.

When April and Noah are helping at the local marathon, they get pulled to someone who just got hit by a van. No ambulance couldn't get there in time and Halstead and Shore are a couple of feet away. So Noah tries to perform a chest tube but does it successfully but not to the approval of Halstead when he got there.

The four of them tries to figure out how to keep him alive. It lead Halstead to taking a risk that even Rhodes was questioning about. When they brought him in, the patient went to surgery, but after Halstead wasn't so sure that this guy will make it. After a while, the patient wakes up, but couldn't move his legs, that got Halstead upset just a bit until Rhodes asked the patient to wiggle his toes and he did. That lead him to an underwhelming moment.

Dr. Choi treats an elderly patient, who isn't taken all her medicine and appears to be malnourished too. Choi tries to open up to her about it but she tells hims he's fine even though test proves otherwise. It wasn't until her friend came in, which Choi asked her about her friend and soon realized that she's not doing well money wise and that she's trying to make a good impression from what her friend was showing her. Some friend, right?

Manning takes on an eight-year-old girl who's losing her hearing. The test shows that the girl has had old fractures, to which the mother says that its from the child's father, who she says that he'd died. It turns out that the mother lied about the father, he's still alive, but she says that she believes that he abused her and so she took her away from him. That also lead to Manning performing another test, which shows she had a condition for which caused the fractures. That put the girl's mother in a bad situation as she was taken by Al and the CPD.

Overall, I enjoyed these episodes. Even though "Brother's Keeper" was a but over promoted, it was still a really good hour of drama, the Reese, and patient was really good.

"Extreme Measures" was problem my favorite episode so far, as it really pushed Halstead figuratively and emotional to the limit of treating and saving the patient.

I've to notice that Choi has been getting some interesting story lines with some awesome guest. Also not to mention that Maggie had an amazing and emotional storyline with a patient that really means a lot to her when she visits. 

Next episode will be a crossover event with Chicago PD as Reese's patient comes back for help in a dangerous way. 

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