#ChicagoMed Season 2, Episode 8 "Free Will" Recap and Review

In the fall finale, two doctors try to find a tough solution for one patient's health, plus a decision for one person on whether to live healthy or to save her baby. 

Let's begin with Reese's search for Danny. It seemed that her and Choi have been looking for him all through the night. When it got time to head to work, Choi tells her that they'll look more after and headed back. But when Erin comes by, she knew that he was found dead. 

She really took a toll about it and I don't blame her, I would do the same thing if I was trying to help someone out too. Charles tries to explain to her that what she did was the best that she could and that sometimes psychology gives them an illusion. 

Meanwhile, Choi gets a patient from jail after he was supposed to have been stabbed by another inmate but it turns out the guy was looking for a place to stay at the Med Inn. Choi tries to play him and send him out but at every moment he had, the guy comes back with another medical case from "hurt myself" or him coughing out blood from Rhode's patient's ear rings. But after chatting with Goodwin, he took to heart and excepted the patient. 

Manning and Halstead gets a case where a patient, who's having some setbacks, was in need of a kidney transplant. The problem is that he's also suffering from heart issues too. When the patient's brother comes by, he really doesn't want him there because he's upset that his own brother won't give him his kidney. 

There was a problem, his brother was HIV positive. With every option that Manning and Halstead had, it didn't go as well as they hoped. But when the brother tells him about his situation, the patient asked if he could have his brother give him the kidney HIV or not. Or course, Halstead says no and Manning thinks there's a possibility that it could work. 

Manning looks around, with every option that she could think of they turn her down. When Halstead talked to her about it, there might be one option that could work and that was to transmit a syringe that the patient's brother will use and use the same one and inject it into his brother's blood system. Anyone think that this was a bad or good idea? Maybe bite them back? 

Also to note: Rhodes and Charles (Dr. Charles' daughter) seem to be hitting it off and decide to go out to have dinner. April not only finds out that her illness is back but also she's pregnant. But with this kind of illness, Halstead tells her that there's only one medication for it but also gives the baby a possible defect too. After deciding not to take the medicine, Halstead talked to her about it. I think she'll take the medicine.

I thought that this was another good episode. It brought in a lot of emotions from Reese's reaction to Danny's death to April's health decision. Plus the emotions of anger and worried from Choi and Manning/Halstead storyline. But it sends the episode off on a good funny and warming note (like in The Blacklist) with Halstead singing to friends and family at his home welcoming party. But as Halstead was singing we see him and Manning looking at each other smiling. 

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