#ChicagoMed Season 2, Episodes 6 & 7 "Alternative Medicine" & Inherent Bias" Recap and Review

In the episode "Alternative Medicine" it seems that it was a day of feeling for what most doctor went by and one that couldn't believe. 

This episode seemed to be more of each doctor's feeling and belief of their knowledge in medicine. For one Rhodes had to deal with Latham and Halstead. With Latham was about a man who just had heart surgery, but when rechecking his heart, Rhodes couldn't hear anything wrong. But when Latham checked, he tells both of them that the patient needs to go back in to replace an artery. 

Shocking to Rhodes, he couldn't hear anything for the second time. But then came when Halstead had a patient, who he diagnosis of a dead bowel. Now Halstead only believes that it's a dead bowel but Rhodes doesn't see it. Halstead convinces him that he felt it and from what the guy had gone through fits. Of course, Rhodes did the surgery and Halstead was right.

Reese felt like she was being followed, turns out it was Danny from previous episode. Danny wants help but doesn't want his pimp to find him and asked to have therapy with Reese outside the hospital. Of course, Charles doesn't approve of it but didn't realize that what she was doing kind of brought back an event of an incident that he had with a patient. 

So, Charles tell Reese about a patient that he thought was doing well but committed suicide and it drove him crazy and had to give up his private practice. He takes Reese to CPD and talks to Erin about it. She warns her to be careful that it could lead to a horrible thing. 

Reese talks to Danny and after about one suction, she tries to talk to him to come in and get help but he runs away. Coming back later with a bullet wound and then gets that micro clip out of him and Reese dumps it outside in a water drain. 

Meanwhile, Manning gets a return patient, the little girl who has cancer. She wasn't doing to good and it seem that what she was trying to do is go with her gut and feeling on the best way to save her even though everything lead to her dying. Taking the child's death personally, Cho comes to her and tells her that a patient, who happens to be doing some amazing things with medicine. She does and it cheers her up that maybe one day they could find the cure for cancer, like her patient. 

My thoughts on this episode will be below after the next episode recap.

In the episode "Inherent Bias" a former friend and classmate returns to a familiar face for one doctor who happens to had past relationship. 

In this episode, love takes over when a former love comes back in a bad situation. Reggie comes in Med, couldn't breath and asked for Sharon Goodwin because those two were dating back in the day. The two talked about old times but his health takes a bad turn even though Cho and Manning are trying to get of head of it. 

But Reggie kept getting worst and Sharon was getting upset about it. She orders Cho to go on a different medicine. But after so, Reggie had died. 

In the meantime, Halstead was pulled into a doctor on call app but it didn't do too well for him. Also Charles gets in between Rhodes and his daughter when his patient was to have surgery without the patient's consent but Goodwin overruled Charles on that after the day she had. 

Reese tries to help Danny, this time finding a place for him. She asked Erin for help but he doesn't tell her much. He was kicked out of the shelter. So with no other place to taken him, he asked her if he could stay at her place, for which might be a bad idea but she went through it. But by the time she'd agreed to it he was gone. 

Also April finally agreed to her boyfriend's proposal. But she is really happy to take his hand? Yeah I think so but her health takes a turn at the end of the episode. 

For "Alternative Medicine" I thought that this was a really good episode. I thought the writing was good from Reese's storyline with Danny and Erin to Manning's of the kids and the little girl that died. IT was emotional at times but also uplifting when seeing kids experimenting and creating something for the future of medicine. 

For Inherent Bias" I thought this was a fine episode. Goodwin's character really stole the episode. You can just see her change after each bad turn that Reggie suffered. I guess that's what love does to you, right? Halstead had a really nice humorist storyline, as a docs on call with April's brother. Even though the patient he was treating had a nose bleed, Halstead thought it was something worst but wasn't. 

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