#ChicagoPD Season 3 Recap & Review And Season 4 Preview

With less than six hours to go until the most intense season premiere of Chicago PD yet airs. With everything that had happen in the season finale in May, let's just recap what happen throughout season 3, which was Chicago PD at it's best.

In the beginning, Erin has left the intelligence unit after the death of her best friend (Nadia) death. She was hanging with her mother, Bunny. Of course being with her mother isn't the best role model to be around. But when Voight and Co., get a case that went south when Halstead was taken hostage. 

Erin comes in and helps the team out. After being such a badass she is, takes down those guys down and saves Halstead. After that she wanted to get back in and takes Voight's Road to New Life, which she stays with him until she's well enough.

The Halstead-Erin relationship grew this season. What we were hoping for a road trip episode just the two of them didn't happen due to creative discussions. So they scrap that and added a crossover episode with SVU which brought two of the most hated criminals in the last couple of seasons, one of them was Gregory Yates and it got Law & Order SVU team to help, because it happen under their show. 

Yates and Erin had a standoff as he tries to mess with her, but in the end, she shot the man, in his childhood home. I know real creepy right? It was that good and so raw emotional played through that episode for Erin.

Meanwhile, Voight has had some stuff happening to him. Not only taking care of Erin, but when an ex-con was released from prison the one thing he was going to do was take Voight and his family out. Voight was at his Voight mode of attack. Voight and Al takes him back in. 

In one of the biggest crossovers of the season, both Fire, Med and PD engaged when a house fire of a cancer patient that didn't have cancer to begin with has the staff at Med scratching their heads, when they find more and more patients with the same condition, Voight and Co. comes in and looks through the details of each patient and found out that the doctor who treated them was the one that treated Voight's late wife.

 Through that one episode we saw Voight in a way that we never seen before. The emotional toll that brought not only him but Erin too. Heard stories and even seen video too. And not to mention that his son Justin had a twin brother that died at birth. 

Season three also brought in the Law of Chicago as in the cast of Chicago Justice make's it Network Debut when Burgess and Roman get attack and she shot what she thought was the suspect that turns Chicago upside down again. Burgess and Roman were at the beginning part of a relationship besides being partners. As Burgess and Ruzek broke off their engagement, because he couldn't comment to anything to say the least. 

After the shooting, it took Roman awhile to get back and had Burgess getting some interesting partners to fill in. But in the end, when the CPD decided that Roman was no longer capability of a beat cop, he decides to move to San Diego, CA. Burgess decides not to go which broke their relationship.

Let's talk about the season finale, Voight has been hearing things about his son being in town without hearing from him. He confront it to him when Justin , his wife and baby where there having a family meal with Erin too. Things look bright for Justin until during a case of a mother's death that had Justin's contact info. 

That lead Voight to getting hold of Justin, but nothing. But when Erin and Voght got word of the suspect's car, they went after it. But what they found was Justin lying in the truck lifeless. From that point on, Voight went a total 180 with rage. That lead Voight going rouge and trying to find this guy until he got word of his whereabouts and misleading the team as he took in the suspect thanks to his fellow former cops. 

When Halstead tells Erin about the false bust, she knew what was happening and drove to Voight's spot as he had the suspect digging his grave. He ties to confess but Voight tells him to dig. Erin gets there and she tries to tell him to bring him in, but the look on Voight's face in the rain gave such a look that he was gone and going to do this. 

He tells Erin to get so she doesn't get in trouble for this. She drives off as fast as she can with tearing coming down. The suspect tells Voight about it all as he stop digging. That only made Voight walk up and shoot him. I believe as Erin was drive she could hear the gunshot go off. Only cold chills were felt after that.

Now we're into season 4, will Lindsay tell Commander Crowley about how Voight taking an act of vengeance after the death of his son, Justin? How will the team adjust to this too? 

"They're not excusing anything that Voight did, but they're also a little but appreciative," said executive producer Matt Olmstead in a TVLine preview. "Because when it all went down, he had them go (on) a goose chase across town to seal them off so they wouldn't see anything. In their minds, he protected them, and then he did whatever he did. So for the most part, the unit is back to work, albeit on eggshells a little bit."

With that Voight is gonna have a more careful watch on Erin to see how or what actiosn she may or not take against him.

"Obviously, he cares for her. He doesn't want to pressure her to do anything she doesn't want to do," Olmstead describes it. 

Whatever happens it's going to kickoff Season 4 to a whole new level of drama.

You can catch the return of Chicago PD tonight at 10/9c on NBC.