#ChicagoPD S4 Ep. 1 "The Silos" Season Premiere Recap and Review

In the season premiere of Chicago PD, will Erin be the one to turn Voight in for what he did to Justin's killer or help him lean off of the Commander's investigation?

The events that happen in the season finale has haunted Erin for the past couple of weeks (from what it looks like). She gets a call from the Commander and asked about why Hank and her were at this location (The Silos) on the night of what they were pursing Justin's killer. Erin give the Commander her version but she wasn't buying it at all.

In the meantime, the Intelligence Unit gets a call of an car arson with a body that has a police wire wrapped around him. When the gang took a look at it, a man pulls up asking for his son, Evan, saying that his phone led him to the spot where the burned car is at, which the person in the car was Evan. Not only was it hard on the father, but mostly harder on Voight (who just came back to work) and knows what it's like to lose a son.

The teams dives into the case and figures out where the wire came from, no doubt it was CPD. After an going through the victim's room, Al and Ruzek gets a mouthful from the victim's sister that CPD can't be trusted. The two go back and asked her give her side of the story of why her brother was working with narcotics. She explained that a cop threaten her 10 yrs in jail with a position of a tiny bag of Molly if she didn't help them. Her brother find out and took over for her instead.

That lead to Erin and Jay talking to the cop for the case, and boy did Erin give her a mouthful. I thought they were really going to duke it out. Erin would win in a knockout for sure! But anyway, the cop gives them the suspect they were working on and so that suspect became the Intelligence's suspect.

Dawson and Atwater checkout the guy, at the gym, and uses their high tech stuff to see who the suspect is calling. IT turns out to be his baby mama and that's where Voight goes and picks her and her kid up to help them get the guy. When Dawson and Ruzek give her the rundown of what they are going to do, Ruzek tells her to use a code word. But for her she uses banana, as the safe word.

After what looks to be a plan going good to wrong, the unit captures the guy. Soon after the Commander comes in and ask Voight to come with her. They go to the Silos and asked him not once but twice to confess about killing Justin's killer and barred him in the ground there.  Voight wouldn't say anything expect saying that if she had a child she would understand. The CSI and cops kept digging but no body was found.

Now, who moved the body? Was it Erin? Was it Voight? I'm going with Erin on this one as she's been thinking and thinking about it all through the episode and the pressure was on for her. Loved that scene where she was int he Silos and she's looking at the ground with the camera wide out and focusing on her with a look that you quite not know what she'll be doing. But she did the right thing, just hoprfully it doesn't come to bite her in the behind.


Also since Roman has left, Burgess gets a new partner and she was a beat cop given parking tickets and going to court. Officer Yan, seems nice and totally ready for the job that she had with Burgess. Their first case was a woman getting raped in the back of his car, pretending to be an Uber driver. The two butted heads and with the help from Pratt, they nailed the guy to the wall.

As for Voight, he seemed to get back well. I thought it was sweet and warming to see Casey give him his condolence on the lost of his son. But things get worst, not only did he have to worry about the Commander but when he came back to his house, Justin's wife and baby were heading out to Scottsdale, AZ, because she couldn't be in the house with bad memories. For a man who not only lost his son but losing his grandson too, but there was a light at the end of the episode as he visits Erin after what happen at the Silos. He gives his thanks to her and with emotions building up he tells her that she is all he has left and the tow hug.

I LOVED this episode so much. It's another great story chapter of Erin and Hank as the father and daughter that they seem to be in this relationship. After they're relationship last season going up and down at times, this seems to be a real positive one. Love the introduction to Yan; I can't wait to learn a little bit about her. We understand that she was wrongful put in a position with one of the Commanders in her district, but thanks to Pratt, I think she'll sit in the 21st pretty good.

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