#ChicagoPD S4 Ep. 10/11 "Don't Read the News"/"You Wish" Recap/Review

"Don't Read the News"

When a dead girl's body is found in a school football field, it's not the first time that this has happened in the neighborhood. 

I thought that this episode was really good that really had me interested in the case that the Intelligence Unit was trying to solve. When a body of a teen girl is found dead at a school field, the unit learns that it's not the first time that this has happen and that a serial killer is out there. 

Voight and the team finds out that there have been over nine murders over the past ten years that none of them have been solved by the district unit even though their excuse was that they're place was moved around a lot. 

The suspect looked to be the boyfriend of the victim but there was a twist when the team finds out that there was a victim that survived. They talked to her and had her look through some photos and found the guy, that turns out to be the victim's boyfriend's step-father. Twisted, right? 

The guy was a real prick when interviewed by Voight and Al, who tries to tell them that he didn't do it and that he knew who the guy who gave the photos of the victims. Thank god he's locked up. 

Other things: Erin gets to meet her father. They had a nice meeting and carried on with a couples date later on. Of course Jay, being the boyfriend and protector he can be, looks into the guy's background and past with flying colors. 

And apparently Adam Ruzek is gone for a while, undercover that is. So that introduces us to Kenny, a detective who's worked with Voight in the past. He doesn't seem to fit in at first but he adjusted well.    

As I said, this episode was really good. The writing was strong enough to keep my interest in the episode. The cast played the best to their strengths. I just wonder if this guy, who says to be Erin's father is the real deal. I'm not so sure. That one thing I've learned from the past three and a half seasons: Never trust Bunny. Overall I give this episode a 8/10.

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"You Wish"

When a dead body turns up in an alley, it seems to be a hate crime but it's somehow not what it seems. 

"You Wish" had a good case of the week story line but it wasn't the most interesting. When the Unit gets a call of a dead male body in an alley, they find that the victim lost a body part that's most valuable to him. 

The search for answers went all the way to a runaway, who had encounter with the victim, who tried attacking her sexually but she got away by stabbing him with a knife, which was left inside a bush. Burgess gets be in her first interview session, for which turned out okay, but really fell for the suspect's lies. 

After not coming up with anything else, they'd decided to look into the victim's past, for which lead to his ex-girlfriend. Atwater and Kenny interviews the lady and tells her that she saw him a couple of nights ago (night of the murder) but didn't let him in as she tells them that he was hurting and banging on the door for help. But she called the special police (police for the apartment complexes) and gave the name of the officer. That lead to them interviewing the officer and after leaving him alone to talk to the ADA, the officer tries to hang himself. That lead to the lead officer to come in and talk to Voight about it, also their history in another city, for which they were misled by their boss. 

That might have been a good case of the week, but it was the story of Erin finding out that Jimmy isn't her father. That can be thanked to Halstead, who took his DNA from a cup and ran it. I don't know which was more upsetting that Jay was right or that once again, Bunny pushed Erin again. I don't blame her thinking that he was her father, he had everything from the photos, but Bunny was being Bunny and thought he was her dad. 

The scene when Erin tells Bunny about the DNA was really good and the best scene in the episode, when Bunny ties to tell her that she shouldn't tell him and Erin pushes her breakfast out of the table. That's how I felt too and not to mention yelled at the television. But there's a thinker in this episode, when Bunny comes to the station to talk to Hank, thinking that he ran the DNA, tells him that he won. There was at that point where she tells him to run a DNA on him to see if he's her father. That's something I consider looking into as much I would never think Hank and Bunny having a one night stand (EW! Hard to think about it!). 

This was a good episode that had a good case of the week story but was overshadowed by the Erin/Bunny/Jimmy story. Sophia Bush is amazing once again with her character dealing with this father issue. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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