#ChicagoPD S4, Ep. 13-14 "I Remember Her Now"/"Seven Indictments" Recap/Review

"I Remember Her Now" 

Talk about giving Halstead a lot of time this week, that includes the one on Chicago Fire.

"I Remember Her Now" is one hell of a undercover mystery episode, when you send in one member of the Intelligence Unit to go into a female detention center after a 15 year old girl was found murdered in an abandoned building. And if there's one person that can go in there and figure it out, it's Jay Halstead.

Halstead goes undercover as a new member of the guards at the detention center, there he tries to figure out how everything works and when a girl goes crazy and is taken to a safe room. When the doctor leaves for a minute or two, the girl goes at it with Halstead, as in kissing him, wanting to do stuff in return for something she wants. But Halstead hold that off, until the next day and asked her about the situation for which she'll do anything for pleasure in exchange for a ticket to California.

As Halstead reports to Voight and Al and he doesn't know if he could do it any longer, but in order to get everything in an order he'll have to get her to talk if possible and that's what he did: gave her a ticket and asked her about the girl that died. She knew who it was, told him and showed him where she was died before moving her. Following that Voight and the gang came in and sweep the place and took the girl that was also given Halstead some issues. 

Back at the station, Halstead and Voight talked to the witness and took her story and talked to the suspect. The suspect denied it and told a different story for which seemed to be true at first but Halstead was on the defense for the witness that she didn't do it. It was Halstead against the rest of the squad but when he realized something back when he saw the suspect came out of the room many times when there was nothing going on, him and Erin rushed over there and took everything in the room down like it was a couple's remodeling the place or so. It was there that Halstead found the stash of cash and phones and nailed the suspect and his witness gets to go free. 

Also during this episode, Trudy gets word that the dying girl was someone she worked with and didn't realized it. She tries to find her parents and foster parents because she feels terrible about it. With no luck, she signed as the victim's co-parent and full filled her wish was to be placed somewhere nice where there isn't a lot of nose but beautiful. But Trudy and Hank walked to near the pier. 

I loved this episode as it not only played with my mind of figuring it out but also messed with my guy Halstead, for which I was glad because of his actions during Severide's case in the crossover episode. I loved Jesse Lee Soffer's performance, it wasn't too big and it wasn't too small but it was memorable. Loved the writing as well. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.  

"Seven Indictments"

When the Intelligence Unit is called for a house explosion, there's only one problem: no witnesses of who was there at the time. 

"Seven Indictments" was a fine episode that really had that classic twist you would want on this show. When you think you know it bam! here's something else. 

This week's case would be one to remember only for it;s twist that didn't come til the end. After going through suspects, everything relayed on a man and his dog, who happens to come into Trudy's life during the episode, by the way which was memorable too. 

But also in this episode, word got around to Erin and Halstead that Rixton's old unit is indicted but not him. Everyone talks around the guy and even Jay asked Voight about it, for which Voight replied that it was not on their business but also told the whole team if they make one more comment that he'll transfer someone out fast. 

But after the case was solved, Halstead, being the bigger man, took the high road and apologized to Rixton for what was something that he shouldn't have talked about, along with the other team. Rixton tells what the indictments were for and Voight told the whole story of how his unit were out to take someone down, not being on the clock and also Rixton wasn't even there at the time. 

But I think the moment we all loved was that Adam is back! Ruzek comes walking to Burgess after his undercover mission was done and tells her that he was a bit nervous working with his ex-girlfriend, for which I think is back to being girlfriend after that welcome back kiss. 

I enjoyed a lot of this episode. The twist and turns, Trudy and the officer with that guy and his dog, plus finally learning about Rixton that it seems that he'll be gone now I guess since Ruzek is back. The writing was good, the cast was really good. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10. 

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