#ChicagoPD S4, Ep. 15 "Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will" Recap/Review

When Erin gets Olinsky to do an undercover job, things to tight not only on the job but for him as a father too. 

"Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will" was a well written episode that drove Olinsky into a softer tone than he is usually when it comes doing an undercover case. Going undercover as a hit-man to help a father seek revenge on killing the man who killed his daughter. 

It literally drove not only Olinsky to think about his daughters but also got into a heated debate with States Attorney Jefferies about it too, but those two made up at the end with a drink and a story at Molly's. 

Meanwhile, Ruzek is back and asked Voight for his job back but instead of taking it back, Voight just demoted him to patrol. He can't believe that he's going to patrol, he talks to Trudy about it and confronts the issue that he was trying to avoid working with his ex's Burgess. 

Rixton meets with Ruzek a couple of times and just before Ruzek was cleaning out his locker, Rixton tells him a story about how he worked with his dad and also there's a new position in narcotics and gives Ruzek his job back. 

This was a very good episode. I thought that we got to see Olinsky in a very different position than he usually faces on the field. He seemed so divided and yet wanted to give that father a second chance so bad. This was a better Olinsky storyline than "Some Friend" episode. Also with Ruzek back, there were some funny moments, some that you just feel bad for the guy but it was his choice for leaving in the first place. But I really did the scene at the end with Rixton and Ruzek bonding and given Adam his job back. I thought the writing was very good and the cast was very good as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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