#ChicagoPD S4 Ep. 2 "Made A Wrong Turn" Recap & Review.

When a drug exchange goes wrong for one person, his girlfriend is kidnapped in one of the worst area for CPD to search in south side of Chicago. 

This episode his the nail on the head if I ever seen an episode like it. With all the news that has been going on in Chicago with the gun violence and the hatred for the CPD, this episode shows that but also shows a better side to things.

The episode on the hottest day of the season, the Intelligence Unit searches for a woman who was left in the car when her boyfriend was buying drugs with few bucks and the rest as monopoly money (smart, but stupid as Jay told him). Got to love that Chicago heat wave, don't ya? 

As the team search, Mouse comes in and find that the missing victim was wearing a fit bit watch and they followed the location where it was at a crack house with only her fit bit there and a piece of hair left in one box car.

Burgess and Yan head to another part of the neighborhood, where someone threw a rock at their window. When confronting them, the folks aren't gonna say anything until one lady comes up bringing both them and Voight and Al in for a drink and information, telling them that she saw a white guy taping down the street and that lead Voight to one person.

Voight and Al make a visit to a friend's place who likes to take record certain things in the neighborhood and forces him to show him the video tape, which he had of the kidnapping. Only chills came down as Voight knocked him down from his chair and Al coming towards him telling him not to do it again. 

The person that they're after is a man that goes by the nickname 6-6 because he's six foot six inches. The locate where he's staying and it's a place that's not in love with cops , go figure. Voight decides to go through the front of the gate and ask to get him, after they allowed them through they found the 6-6 but he's not going down quietly.     

Holding the victim in another room, Voight sees where the guy is at and had Halstead in the other room. After given him the location he gives Halstead the mark and shoots 6-6 without hurting the missing victim. 

Other things that happen in this episode, Halstead and Lindsey are now officially a couple as Erin got Jay to move in with him. I really don't think he actually bought the place that he said he was going to that he was playing with her hoping to move in with her. 

Platt deals with the Commander who forced Yan to another job, because she turned him down for a romance of fun (by the way, who would want that from that guy?). After Platt being Platt the guy goes off on her and demanding her to send Yan back or else. I think "or else" would be a part in next week's episode, don't you think?

And not to mention that Mouse wants to leave and go back to the Rangers to fight for his country. Something that Halstead doesn't think he should after what happen to him. 

There was a moment in this episode that really struck a mark. When Voight and Al was walking down the street, a man comes up asking for Voight. He asked if he remembers him, which Voight doesn't but remembers the guy's grandson who was put in jail. The grandfather thanked Voight for what he has done for his grandson that he doesn't have to think of his safety out in the neighborhood, for which I thought it was sweet and something that we need of at these hard times. 

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