#ChicagoPD S4,Ep12 "Sanctuary" Recap/Review

When the Intelligence Unit chase two suspects to a neighborhood church, faith and support gets in the way of their investigation.

"Sanctuary" might be one of the of the most interesting episodes when it starts but also satisfying when it ends.

When the unit gets a call about a dead body found at a park, the suspects where spotted a couple blocks down. They chase them all the way to a neighborhood church, but the unit couldn't get in there until the priest comes out to tell them that they can't come in because they believe they're innocent.

Things get heat up when news gets around, causing people to demand those boys to come out. It gets so dicey that the victim's boyfriend throws a fire bottle in there, but Voight and team get them out and into the station. They would be in there til they find the real suspect, for which happens to be one of the interviewers that said it was those boys.

When the team checks the suspect's place, looks normal til they found the suspect's roommate's head and hands in the freezer. After waiting, the suspect comes back to his home but gets spook and drives off. Crashing into a tree, Burgess and Al search for him in the woods, til he has a gun aiming at Al but with a tackle, that's worthy of being called better than any tackles the Chicago Bears has done all season, takes the guy down, breaking the guy's arm.

In the interview room, the suspect really kept blaming the kids on the murder, but Voight let him know about in his many years protecting and serving Chicago that listening to that has gotten tiresome and forced him to tell the truth, by pulling on his broken arm. Ouch, right?

As I said that this episode had everything that an episode could have: interesting, motivation and satisfying too. This was a very good episode. The story was so good that I was moved from characters like Al, Burgess and even the Voight. After going through a lot of mix emotions and burning a church, everyone from #OneChicago helped to rebuild the church, for which was a moving moment that came at the end of this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

You can catch Chicago PD when they return with new episode Wednesday, February 8th at 10/9c on NBC.