#ChicagoPD S5, Ep. 1 "Reform" Season Premiere Recap/Review

Here we go.....

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The season premiere of Chicago PD was not your typical season premiere that we have seen in the past four seasons, but it does make a stamp that a new chapter for the series has begun.

The episode opened up with a very well respected look back at Erin Lindsay's time on the show from beginning to the end of last season. With only the two men in her life Hank and Jay, it was at times emotional no matter how many times you would watch it.

The episode begins with Hank talking about how the absence of Erin will very much mess and it's not going to be the same. I feel that he was not only talking to her about it but to us, the audience as well and just trying to get through some of those thoughts is just so confronting.

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When Hank gets a call about a gun exchange going down, the team assemble and try to take them down, but it doesn't go down the way they had hoped it would. But by the time Halstead was chasing the suspects, he hears someone screaming and goes in to find Upton with a girl who got shot.

They take the girl to Med only to get a small hope for her to recover but it turned out she didn't, and the worst part was that the bullet came from Halstead's gun. With that not only the media and the community but also Alderman Ray Price (Wendell Pierce ) as well was pushing hard to get Halstead fired, and even the new reform package that is set for the CPD isn't helping at all either.

Hank and the team search for the one suspect that could help clear Halstead from this and the only clue to help them to find him were to see if the suspect has a wound to his stomach. It took a while for the team to find him and some very uncomfortable scenes one being Ruzek and Atwater trying to ask two kids a couple of questions.

The team gets help from a former team me, ber, Antiono Dawson, and does some undercover work and soon gets the suspect, turns him in and gets Halstead out of the hateful media that Price has done. And even though Halstead was clear, he still apologized to the mother and given her her daughter's necklace.

Meanwhile, Burgess is back, and she's got a new man in her life, and Ruzek found out the hard way as he was trying to not only buy her another beer but ask her out again.

Antiono is official back with CPD after being at the State's Attorney's office got boring. Yeah, I guess we could say that, right?

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As I said at the beginning, this episode seemed like a beginning of a new chapter in the series. Erin is gone, and things are changing for the Intelligence unit. Just as Hank said to Jay that she's gone and we need to move on.

I very much enjoyed this episode a lot. Not only the performances from Beghe and Stoffer were terrific but also Mykelti Williamson and Wendell Pierce as well. The writing was so good as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago PD Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.