#ChicagoPD S5, Ep. 17 "Breaking Point" Recap/Review

Let us begin....

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What is your breaking point? That's the one question that's asked in this episode not just to capture a suspect but also during an investigation for a member of the Intelligence Unit.

When an Alderman is found murdered, Voight and the team try to investigate but gets pressure from the victim's family, due to their political status in the neighborhood. But as their investigation leads to the victim's son's doing, he gets shot in the process and gets Voight to realize that what they have is a drug business problem with local gangs.

The team gets a tip about a shooter and takes a suspect in, but instead of talking he doesn't give a whole lot. Voight and Al think that the suspect is covering for someone, which Voight provides the guy with the boot but followed and placed a microphone in his coat and when he calls someone talking about how they are close and informs his cousin Lamar about it.

The both capture both Lamar and his cousin and try to get them to spell. None of them do, Lamar doesn't take the blame, and his cousin does but Al and Voight pull off the question" what's his breaking point?" Which happens to be that the cousin has sickle cell anemia and needs special pain relief but holds it to him to talk or he won't get it, so he talked blamed it on his cousin Lamar.

Meanwhile, Al is being questioned and investigated about how a witnessed him and another woman, Erin, dumping a body at a construction site. Al asked Voight for help with money, but he wouldn't help due to the money being a trust fund for his grandson. But Voight gives his word to help him out no matter what, but when it comes down to the end of the day the question that hangs to Al is what his breaking point is? That kid they got to talk was his sickle cell, for Voight it's Erin, but what's Al's?

"Breaking Point" was a terrific episode with exciting drama, mainly between Al and Voight as Woods tries to bring down Voight for anything. Hell, even Ruzek can't get anything from Woods, as his talking goat. But the case of the week was good but not as strong as the others, but given the car chase scene was a killer to watch. I can't wait to see where this is going how Voight and Al will handle this and if their partnership/friendship will be in jeopardy. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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