#ChicagoPD S5, Ep. 2 "The Thing About Heroes" Recap/Review

Here we go....


This week's episode of Chicago PD was as solid of an episode as they could have been for the second episode of the season.

When a van parks in a no parking area of a festival in Chicago, it explodes. The FBI and the Intelligence Unit work together to find who is behind the bombing and where the next bomb is set to go off.


When the team knows who's behind it and what country they are from, Burgess thinks that her friend and a CPD officer would help because of his background. That would be nice until they find out that he has been gone without a trace since the bombing and that doesn't look good for him at all.

The CPD points the blame to the officer and Burgess is the only person who believes that he didn't do it. Which proves she did when she found out a place he was renting and keeping a notebook full of notes. Photos like he was undercover being a part of a terrorist group. Sadly the officer was stressed from not only the media that the CPD laid on him but the bullying as well he was suffering from his partner and captain, he takes his life and shoots himself in the head in front of Burgess.

But that notebook helped stop the second bombing in the end. But not it didn't end for Burgess who told the officer's parents how a hero he was. But it was confronting the officer's partner that was a scene to see as she told the guy what she thinks and that his daddy won't be around to have his back. It did cause some riffs in the CPD that Hank had to tell her to let it be.

Hank did confront Woods about the CPD should give full honors to the officer, but Woods doesn't think so at all. The two had a nice chat and Woods is amazed how Hank has been dealing with all of this, and he tells him that it takes time to make a move and I'm sure we will be waiting when that happens.

"The Thing About Heroes" was really a good episode and mostly from the performance from Marina Squerciati that really stood out through the episode. The writing was so good and at times simple to follow but the twist that the officer was working undercover was a wow moment. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

You can catch Chicago PD Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.