#ChicagoPD S5, Ep. 20 "Saved" Recap/Review

Let the drama begin...


If you think that someone was going to be saved in this episode in this episode, think again as it holds another meaning and one hell of an hour for one member of the Intelligence Unit. 

The episode starts off with Voight getting a call from a girl named Hannah that he remembers from the past, she asked about getting help but wouldn't tell him what it was about. When she leaves for the restroom, she leaves, and Voight sees her get abducted by someone and drove off. Voight and Ruzek chase until they hear gunshots at a local bank where a couple of robbers were there stealing and shooting. 

After the crew was gone, they see that it was the same vehicle that took Hannah. The Intelligence Unit works to find the car and find whoever knew Hannah. You can see throughout the episode that Voight was eager to find this girl and help her, even if she was later caught on camera holding a gun during an armed robbery. 

But the truth comes out as Voight tells everyone that Hannah got his card from his wife, who was her school teacher at the time. Explains more than his wife thought could help her who wasn't going on a right path (the same thing that he did with Erin but making visits). But after Justin's death, he didn't hold up on his promise of visiting her and finds that being with this boyfriend of hers is the one leading her to the wrong path. 

After finding the members from the shooting, they search and find where Hannah and her boyfriend were located at a car dealership. There it becomes a standstill, and Voight decides to go in and try to talk them down, but it didn't turn out the way he wanted it as the boyfriend walks with Hannah outside and the cops shoot them both dead. 


If that wasn't enough for Voight to handle, things aren't looking good for Al when it comes to getting the investigation off of his back. Voight is certain that he can get this fix and tries to get one of the Assistant  State's Attorney to help, but really, Woods was just a step further to him and wants him to confess to his doings. Voight realizes that things are coming down pretty bad and even powerless to say the less. As he comes home, he views several of his family photos and picks up one with him, Al and Erin and breaks it along with the rest of the photos. 

"Saved" goes from the causal start for any Chicago PD episode to the fast character is driven and the well-developed episode that brings the emotions from the screen to my heart and mind. Whether it's Voight searching for Hannah to save or trying to help Al with the investigation, you would think that with Voight being Voight he would get the job done and celebrate with a glass of whiskey, but in this case, you seem him become powerless to do anything. The performance of Jason Beghe's performance was amazing, probably one of the best episodes in a while to watch. 

After this episode I don't know what comes next, will Voight come clean and help Al out of this serious investigation? I don't think that Voight will take things to another level and take out Woods. 

What do you think of the episode? What do you think is going to happen as we come close to the season finale? 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago PD Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.