#ChicagoPD S5, Ep. 22 "Homecoming" Season Finale Recap/Review


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Okay guys, let's just take a breathe in and out. This was a biggie of a season finale of an episode than before. So let's just get to it. 

After getting a quick recap of how we got here, as Voight is about to tell what really happen to Woods, he gets a call about how Al is at Med with severe stab wounds. Voight gets there and just as he see Al and tells him he's going to make it, but as we waited, waited and waited Voight finds the surgeon and asked about Al for which he had died. 

After informing the team, who's in disbelief, they pull every heart and energy to finding the man that killed Al. I can really tell you my first suspect would be the man who put Al in jail, but we'll get to that latter. In the meantime, the team setup shop at the county jail and found out from security tapes that it was a set up from the security guard letting the man who stabbed Al get to do it. Voight had some lesser words for the man who stabbed Al even if he wasn't answering questions. 

It all laid down to a man getting even with Al for arresting his cousin on gun charges for carrying them for his business and lead to trying to get to the man's home but all there was was his wife and mother-in-law. But Voight didn't get any answers from the wife but it was Burgess and Upton that got it. The team went to the warehouse where they take down the leader and his men. Voight had a one on one with the man that called for Al's death and shot him twice, knowing that he had a gun, but that's not what two witnesses saw across the way and even Antonio didn't see it, but I'm sure he still had Voight's back. 

In the meantime, with Al gone and Voight's confession out, Woods gets word from the ASA that there's an eyewitness, who saw Voight take out the man who shot his son from the bar. Woods gets her information and meets with her and after hearing her story, he takes it and fixes it along with taking her phone jewelry and give her money. Soon Woods phones Voight for a meeting and after talking about how these two got here, knowing each other for over 30 years, Voight admits that he isn't a dirty cop but is the one person that will do anything to protect the city. So Woods tells Voight about a witness that had come forward seeing him taking away the man who killed his son and Voight returns with how did he find her and with a surprised look Voight finally got the SOB and is taken away thanks to the ASA and Katie (the so called witness). 

But after all of that has happen it was the last few minutes of the episode that was emotionally powerful watching Voight grieve, apologizing to Al for all that has happen while drinking on top of the roof. You see the pain that has finally boiled that he lets his emotions out with punching the door, crying and screaming, it was unlike anything we seen Voight do in the past five seasons. 

"Homecoming" might be ranked as one of the best season finales of CPD so far in the series. It lead with so much emotion and intense from the death of Al to finding the killer to even getting Woods to come down from his powerful sword. The writing was outstanding for this episode and throughout the season that really closed the chapter of this season story arc. There have been episodes that put characters like Voight on the a verge (like his son's death) but this one really took the cake and Jason Beghe gave one of his best performances as Voight in the series. I'll be honest I thought when I saw Voight on Chicago Fire that he was a dirty cop but after the backdoor episode and the first season of CPD I had a change of heart. And let me just say this I was on my feet, yelling at the television when Voight finally got Woods. 

Overall, I give this episode a 10/10 and the season overall a 9.5/10.

What did you think of last night's season finale? 

Just as the episode ended, word came out that all Chicago series (Fire, PD and Med) along with SVU have been renewed for another season (which we all knew was going to happen). 

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