#ChicagoPD S6, Ep. 11 "Trust" Recap and Recap #ChiHards #OneChicago

The Intelligence Unit might be facing more than just a killer. Here's a recap!

"Trust" is what I would call the door to what we've been waiting for since the beginning of the season. The chance to see what the intelligence unit would face against the Chicago politics of it all that would end with some shocking moments.

When a well-known district attorney is killed, the intelligence unit investigates that divides to what Hank and the team learn that its a connection to a mayoral candidate. Hank and the team find their suspect but his link to Mayor Candidate Brian Kelton and Kate Brennan too. But only to release him due to his help with Kelton.

Meanwhile, during a chase Atwater gets shot in the shoulder and thought that he was a goner but comes out okay. But we see another memorable moment with Trudy after Atwater is out surgery and doing well. But the moment Hank learns that the Kate is involved with the Mayor on this, it turns into a moment of doing her a favor as she has said at the beginning of the season.

It was an amazing and intense episode. I thought the story was good and even strong in the developments of the characters. There were many moments that I loved in this episode from the Kate and Hank moments, Antonio and Burgess to even Trudy and Atwater at the hospital, which was a Kleenex moment. It also has me concern as if something is going to happen with Trudy down the season? We've had those moments with her. John C. McGinley was terrific and fits perfect to the character so far in Kelton. Anne Heche's performance was good as well. And her chemistry with Jason Beghe gives me goosebumps. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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