#ChicagoPD S6, Ep. 14 "Ties That Bind" Recap and Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

When the Intelligence unit gets close to capturing an arms dealer; two of the members get held captive for money. Will the team save them or be too late? Here's a recap!

As the Intelligence Unit gets close to nailing an arms dealer, they travel to Wisconsin to find them at a gun show. But when Burgess and Upton get a bite from someone that's looking to sell guns for a higher price, they turn out to kidnap them. Voight and the crew does everything they can do to find them and take down these guys. 

Upton and Burgess learn that these guys aren't your typical gun sellers; this has to do with losing their jobs. Burgess makes a call to her brother that happens to be Ruzek to deliver the money when the guy's brother get there. But when his brother gets there; he dies from a hit and runs. 

As Burgess escapes and tries to get Upton free, she decides to give out smoke signals for the team but when she comes back for Upton the guy is there holding her down, and Burgess takes him out but not enough. As the kidnapper is squeezing Burgess' throat; Upton grabbed the guy with her legs and squeezed him til Ruzek and Antiono came in and took him away.

Later on, Voight tells the team that this can't happen again and that their job is to come back home. After Burgess checks on Upton; Upton tells Burgess that she's been dating Ruzek and how it came to be. But when asked if Burgess was cool, she replied that "it's cool. But is it? 

"Ties That Bind" was a strong, well-written episode. Another strong performance episode for Marina Squerciati and Tracy Spiridakos, It was just another episode that sidetracks the team from taking down an illegal arms dealer to rescue mission; which I found it on the edge of my seat, good television.  Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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