#ChicagoPD S6, Ep. 4 "Ride Along' Recap/Review

Will one cop listen to her sergeant or a new ally when a ride along goes wrong in a shootout?


"Ride Along" was a well written, character developing episode. When Burgess give a ride along to a kid; it doesn't go well when a shooting occurs. There Burgess rescues a civilian, who's hurt, and moved him away from harm's way. But she sees the shooter and tries to take him down but returns to the squad car, to find the kid gone.

With Burgess upset about losing the kid, she goes to the parent's home to inform them; finds her there unarmed. But it wouldn't be the last time they would like me as she would a be a key witness on identifying the suspect. 

But when Burgess gets interviewed from the Tower; she doesn't listen to Voight's advise, but to Brennan about leaving out the part of leaving a kid behind in the squad car. It drives Burgess to a point where she's not the Burgess we know to love, like putting Brennan's relationship over Voight's.

 Voight learns about what's going on with Burgess and gets Platt to help too. Even though they got their suspect and Burgess almost let him suffer from a drug overdose, she saves him. Burgess apologies to Voight but he gave it to her straight.

It might have been one intense episode but the ending left with not only some warming moments; but also some worried one too. After a rough few days, Platt takes Burgess out for coffee and reminding her that she's got to choose whether who to listen to Brennan or Voight. The worried moment comes off when Antonio is seen popping pain pills and asking his doctor for more.


This was a powerful, intense and character-driven episode. It was Marina Squerciati's best performance. She's my pick for "performance of the week." With the fierce and drama, there were a few funny moments like Ruzek jumping on Antonio's balls about getting old and all. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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