#ChicagoPD S6, Ep. 5 "Fathers and Sons" Recap/Review

Disco Bob returns but is he bad or good? Here's a recap of this week's Chicago PD."Fathers and Sons" was an amazing and thrilling episode that really put the character of Adam Ruzek on the fence. When he goes undercover to take down a top drug dealer, Ruzek sees a familiar face, his father. Getting pressure not only from Hailey but Voight too. Ruzek meets with his dad and learns that he's just being the dealer's security. When the deal with Intelligence was about to be made, Ruze's father comes in and helps Adam take down the leader and other members.


Later on, Ruzek visits his father, and he tells Ruzek that he's broken. Not to mention that the reason why he took the job was to get enough money to pay on the house. And ends the episode with "what kind of father asked his son for money?" which was pretty chilling and heartbreaking.

This was a fantastic episode and one of Patrick John Flueger's solid performance. His chemistry between Jack Coleman was outstanding.  Even with that ending moment, there are some intense moments like Hailey and Voight pressuring Ruzek on the case to do something about his father. Or the moment when Voight tells Ruzek that he filed papers that his father was working with the Intelligence.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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