#ChicagoPD S6, Ep 6 "True or False" Recap/Review

A case that will have the Intelligence shaking there heads leads to one detective's past coming out. Here's a recap of Chicago PD.


The team receives intel about the murder of an Alderman's wife who was beaten to death. Ruzek sees the suspect's car where it leads to one kid, who tells them that he wasn't there. After Atwater to Voight interviewed the kid; it all leads to Hailey opening up to the kid about his past that they have something in common; coming from an abusive family. After he confessed, it turns out he wasn't the murderer.

When Hailey goes back to talk with him, he hung himself in his cell. It affects her to the degree that Halstead drinks with her at her apartment. But as they try to get their suspect, they found him dead. Going through the suspect's phone records, it leads to one person... the Alderman. After going through more records, they see the whole picture that their victim was trying to leave her husband after being abused by him.

After updating Brennan about it, she gets the Alderman to meet with her. But he runs as soon as the Intelligence Unit chases him. As Hailey confronts the Alderman, she tries to reason with him, but as he pulls a gun on her, it's Ruzek that shoots him down as she was there frozen.

After talking with Voight about it, Hailey and Ruzek head back home where she tells him that what she said their first suspect was right."True or False" was one of the best episodes of the season. It was powerful with such strong character development as we see Hailey's dark past come to light. The case might have been a little bit predictable, but the double twist kept the episode interesting.  But it was Tracy Spridakos' performance was outstanding and it makes me love the character more and more. And it gave the fans an awkward moment when Halstead, Hailey, and Ruzek were in the same place together.

Overall, I give this episode an 8.9/10.
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