#ChicagoPD S6, Ep. 8 "Black & Blue" Recap/Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

Will Atwater put his heart before his badge when someone he falls in love becomes a suspect in a murder investigation?  Here's a recap of this week's episode of Chicago PD.

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"Black & Blue" was another marvelous episode that puts Atwater in a tough situation that if it went any other way I would go okay with it. Trying to go a drug bust that turned into one of the kids selling the drugs ended up dead. When the intelligence gets a lead of their suspect, but it also leads to a relationship that Atwater get into.

Using her to get to their suspect; they found fingerprints of Atwater's friend that was used in a murder. In troubled waters, Atwater decides to work badge instead of his heart. But when their suspect that they are after is dead, due to the kid that he was chasing shot him. Atwater's friend will take on the murder charges and possibly get out in three years. Atwater decides to help the kid that killed his boss and tossed the gun he used in the Chicago River.

It was another well performed, strong character development episode and it was one of the best Atwater episodes so far this season. I wouldn't be surprised if she's back three years from now and confronts Atwater. Overall, I give this episode an 8.7/ 10.

You can catch the fall finale of Chicago PD Wednesday, December 5th at 10/9c on NBC.