#ChicagoPD S6, p. 19 "What Could Have Been" Recap and Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

Guns and politics never do go away. Here's a recap!

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As Burgess waits for Blair, her boyfriend, for their date night; she waited so long that she had his cell phone pinned on his location, but by the time she gets there, he's dead. As the team investigates; we see Burgess hide her emotions for a guy that she's been enjoying for a while but was going to end their relationship. That is until she learns that he was seriously planning on staying to be with her. Thinking that has to be drugs or money thing that got Blair killed, there was another connection with another victim.

It didn't get good until the investigation started to turn towards Ray Price and his family. As Burgess dug more profound and the team searchers on Ray's daughter's social media; they found what the evidence that ties this only thing up is. Voight talks with Ray about the video of his daughter, but Ray doesn't want to say anything. Soon as he tries to tell Voight, Ray's wife comes in and tells him the entire thing that she had killed Blair and the other guy as they were blackmailing them into resigning from the mayor race. Voight gets a confession from Ray and makes a deal with the AD of a seven-year sentence for him.

In the end, Voight and Ray have one last drink in the holding cell thinking about what could have been if this didn't happen. I know what would have happened, Chicago would be getting a great mayor."What Could Have Been" might be one of the least enjoyable episodes of the season and that's only in the first half of the episode; while the second half was very good with such a twist that shocked me.

As much as I enjoyed the character of Burgess, this was one of my least favorite episodes of hers. Burgess was so out of character in a way that I didn't believe what she was doing, let along saying to everyone from the team to even Blair's sister. But I guess the one thing we got out of this episode was Burgess and Ruzek working together.

But the Wendell Pierce's performance was outstanding; it was his character's story that made me watch this till the end; even though it wasn't his great as his other performances in other shows. I still think it was a shocker that Ray's wife made the killing; as I didn't know any of Ray's family would have done it. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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