#ChicagoPD S7, Ep. 1 "Doubt" Season Premiere #ChiHards #OneChicago

It all comes down to asking that one question, "are you sure?" Here's a recap of the season premiere of Chicago PD.


In the season premiere of Chicago PD "Doubt" had the audience asking major questions, the characters also have questions of t which are did Voight kill Kelton and where's, Antonio? With the murder of newly elected Kelton; with everything pointing to Voight would prove that this could be it, but classically, it wasn't.

However, that didn't stop Halstead from asking himself if Voight had something to do with it. Even the homicide detective tries to get Halstead to turn on Voight, but he keeps his stance that he didn't do anything. That is until he and Voight figured out that gun was used in a previous shooting that was taken from evidence; but got into the hands of Kate Brennan, who took getting revenge on Kelton for what he did but not give her after helping him too.

When Halstead realized that Voight was going to talk with Kate, he and Upton decide to see if Kate would turn herself in; but with Voight leaving it alone, they both went in to see Kate about to end her life. Voight gets upset with him for not trusting him.

While the case was going on the whereabouts of Antonio was getting worrisome; thinking that he had ended his life after getting back on the pain pills. We soon understand that he seek help not only from his sponsor; but also called Voight for help and Voight took Antonio to an undisclosed rehab location.

"Doubt" was such a good episode from beginning to the end that keeps you on your toes. After this episode, I think that the relationship between Voight and Halstead will be very complicated. I was leaning towards Kate killing Kelton. I was so impressed with what Anne Heche has done on the show. The writing was so good and the character development was as too.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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