##ChicagoPD Season 4, Episode 4 "Big Friends Big Enemies" Recap and Review


A shooting at a concert gets the Intelligence Unit investigating, but who they find out is totally unexpected. 

This episode was really good at played with emotions very well. We get to see Atwater dealing with this case very personal because he was the one trying to save a gunshot victim that he knows. The Unit takes took it as a terrorist attack, but it turns out to be a gang attack. 

But after chasing social media posts from the shooters of when and where they're gonna be attacking, they take down one suspect that turns out to be in another gang. Voight went to the boss of Latin Players gang and even though he wasn't the one who ordered it, he knows who it was and helped them lower him out. 

Turns out that the shooter was just a kid in high school. Shocking to all from Erin to Halstead, Atwater, and even Antonio too. 

In the middle of this, as Burgess and Tay were helping out, they spotted Atwater's little brother at a house where they were checking on. Atwater was shocked but when he came home he really didn't do anything but gave him a look and decided to take his sister and brother to get something to eat. 

Also. we got to meet the new member of the Intelligence Unit, Jenny, who's replaced Mouse as he went back overseas. There were a couple of funny moments with Voight. I call them priceless. 

As I said before this episode played with emotions, mostly with Atwater and other members of the team. But near the end of the episode, we see a scene of people in the neighborhood enjoying, embracing and having fun. It's something that we don't see a lot these days with what's been going on this year. It gave such a nice pleasant example of there's still good things in Chicago. 

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