#ChicagoPD Season 4, Episode 5 "A War Zone" Recap and Review

When a epidemic of drug overdose hitting Med, a body is found off the lake gets the Intelligence Unit on the case. 

I thought that this was a really good episode for two of the storylines: 1. the Jay and Mouse and 2. the Yan and Burgess. 

We all know that Mouse is dying to get back overseas fighting for his country because that's the one thing he feels he's doing something in his life. Jay doesn't think so and tries to talk him down about it. It's shown in on the team from Dawson to Ruzek and even Voight, who gave him the last say after given an attitude about not getting a ride off of a theft charge. These two are best of friends and yet Jay thinks that he can fix it, but after listening to Erin, he turn the other cheek and accepted and helped him. 

The second story was of Yan and Burgess. These two have really hit it off since the start of the season. But because of Yan's issue with the commander, who happens to threaten Pratt about it, is being sent back to what she was doing before, ticket cop (as I call it). But their last case was a good one when a boy finds his father stabbed, who the father says was his ex-wife. But with the help from Pratt getting Mouse hacking into the phone of the dad's, turns out that he was the one who stabbed himself for the attention. 

The one thing that stuck to me from that story was when Yan tells Burgess that she should go after for what she wants and don't wait. That got Burgess to tell Voight that she's ready when there's a spot (which won't be too long) to join the team. Voight tells her "to be ready." Oh she will! 

I thought the drug storyline was good but not like the others that was in this episode. But the good thing that come from was when Al going back to the victim's mother's home and gave her a gift of money for the rent that she's having trouble paying. That gave a second heart warming moment in the episode with the other one being Pratt and the kid time. 

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