#ChicagoPD Season 4, Episode 6 "Some Friend" Recap and Review

When someone asks, "Is this going to be a conflict? And you says "No." It's going to be a conflict and a pretty good one at that for Al. 

This episode dives into a murder case of a girl found at a former major league baseball player's house, but when they find her, he was nowhere. When they checked the place out, Antonio finds a photo of Al and the suspect, there asking if this case will be a problem. Of course, it will. 

Throughout the episode, we learned that Al was a protector for the suspect and his friends. We learn about Al's past with this guy and the things that he has done to help him. You can really feel that Antonio seems to be riding on Al a bit. 

The team finds out that the suspect was trying to help the victim, who was a prostitute. They went back and forth from the victim's pimp to back to the original suspect. Til Al finds out from the suspect's daughter that he used her phone to make a call, another friend. Then Al talks to the suspect an asked him to tell him how it happens. It was an accident that she fell backward hitting her head on the edge of the table. 

Meanwhile, Burgess and her new partner have had one hell of a day. Not only did they made the call of the murder case but also was tried to talk to a suspect in a hit and steal at a diner. It turns out the person was a cop, and she had one bad experience that sends her down a bad path and into a life of what you see in this episode. Burgess tries to help her, by letting her go but her partner wouldn't. So instead, she hangs out with her til she is released. 

This was a good episode. It's an episode that I probably won't remember as much as the others like the previous episode. The cast was really good and Billy Burke too. I did find the Halstead and Lindsay storyline interesting with the flowers, did Jay send those? Could it be her father? 

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