#ChicagoPD Season 4, Episodes 7/8 "300,000 Likes" & "A Shot Heard Round The World" Fall Finale Recap and Review

No other show does a two hour event quite like Chicago PD. When they do it like this fall finale, it's like watching a made for TV movie event and this one was remarkable with one story plot that kind of centered it, Antonio's farewell.


Let's jump into the first hour, where a witness in a trail was found dead . ASA Stone (from Chicago Justice) asked the Intelligence Unit to find the person who did this or Tuxhorn (the man who's on trail) will walk out.


Everything pointed out to the victim's friend, who they both came to the country together to have a better life. When they found the same gun that was used on the victim, they took him in, but he was soon let go because his finger prints were on it. But he did leave some clues about a call about his diplomat papers, but it was really a fake call, that probably was set up from the killer.


In the meantime, Tuxhorn was released on bail, but Erin kept an eye on him from time to time. They get that Tuxhorn's brother is out from rehab and captured him while dealing. He tells Voight that he hasn't killed anyone but he was going to do something to the victim but stopped.


After looking back and found that Tuxhorn's sister was the one that shot the witness and hid the gun in the victim's friend's place. Also put back in jail her brother, Tuxhorn as well and boy did that give Erin a nice smiling sendoff for that dude.


Also Burgess gets a new partner who isn't quite right for her. At one point they made a stop when a guy drove pass a stop light and it turns out the guy was wearing some pretty uncontrollable stuff. It was so embarrassing for the guy that Burgress' partner took the video that was used from his police camera, took video from his phone and posted it on social media. Of course that upset Platt to the core.


And one more: Stone offered Antonio a job in his investigation team, because of the mistakes that had happen. At first Antonio declined but Stone tells him that Voight signed the papers, but that wasn't true. Voight tells Antonio that he recommended him to Stone and told him that a Sargent once told him that at one point you need to move on to other things. Voight tells him that he's ready to move on. He tells Stone that he accepts.


Coming into the second episode feels like it picks off a few hours after or so.  Halstead and Erin having breakfast with Bunny. She has something to tell Erin about something, but as they were about to talk, their radio that an officer has been shot.


When they get there, almost every gets there, but by the time they had a search, the suspect was gone. The officer that got shot was dead by the time he got to Med. The Intelligence Unit look at everyone that would have a grudge against the CPD and got one suspect but it turned out it wasn't him at all.


They soon get a lead and that lead them to an alley where a cop car was parked and with everyone from Jay, Erin, Adam Burgess and other officers, something just didn't feel or sound right with Halstead. Their walkie talkie were going in and out which the suspect is carrying and using which quickly shoots one officer in the head and after turned into hell in high water. And yet again, the officer was dead by the time she got to Med and the suspect got away.


There was one suspect they assume it was because of his hatred towards cops, but people proved where he was at the time. After looking more and more at this, this wasn't just a rookie but someone who knows cops and tactics. They think this was a former cop or a cop that went nuts.


It all lead to one person, a former cop's son, who happens to have join the CPD but left because hes mind wasn't right. His father was killed in the line of duty and Voight and Al remembered that. They searched for him at his mother's place and when she gave them his address of an apartment, they found a dead roommate and a room full of papers and plans.


They got an address to where the suspect was living at before he moved (his childhood home). Voight called and talked to the suspect where he demanded he wants everyone from SWAT, etc to be there, because he was going to blow them up if they were to go in ,but Voight tried talking him down about it and that lead to Voight telling him about his father, who died on duty too, but the kid wouldn't listen and soon after Voight tells Al to take the shot, which kills him.


After everyone met at the visual site of where the fallen officers are remembered. We see Voight looking at his father's name, the suspect's mother at her husband's and Antonio looking at Julie (the detective in Season one that was shot and killed in the first episode). But mostly it was the moment of remembering the two officers that got shot in this episode that felt a lot of emotion just by watching everyone from PD, Fire, Med and Justice there.


Soon after Antonio and Halstead had a moment and went to Molly's for Antonio's farewell or more of a good luck. Everyone was there and as Burgess, who had a rough day with her partner leaving after the event that happen, talked to Voight about a job opening and she took it like a bolt of lightening. Burgess has finally made it to the Intelligence Unit.


But it left a big cliffhanger, when Erin met with her mother again. She tells her that she has an emergency to tell her that her father is in town and wants to see her....WOW!!


These two episodes was great. It truly felt like watching a TV movie. The writing was really good along with some performances from Jaosn Begne, Sophia Bush and Jon Seda as well. Now after this I kind of wonder what Erin's dad is like and what kind of stuff will he bring in this second half of the season. And Burgess is finally in Intelligence, I feel she's not going to have a good first day there. Overall, I give it a 9/10.


You can catch Chicago PD when they return for a crossover event with Chicago Fire Tuesday, Jan. 3 beginning at 9/8c but returns with new episodes Wednesday, Jan. 4th at 10/9c on NBC.