#ChicagoPD Season 4 Recap/Review In Two-Minutes


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With less than 12 hours till the big season premiere of Chicago PD, here's a recap of season four. 

Season 4 began with the investigation of a missing suspect that murdered Hank's son. Things were got dicey to the point where we thought that Hank was going to be done. That was until when they went to Hank's spot, where he takes bad guys to get them to confess, to dig to find the body. We know that he had killed the guy, but by the time the whole CPD was digging the place up, there was nobody at all. That might have been the little help from Erin and after that gave one of the best moments between Hank and Erin. 

There were a lot of great cases that really took the characters and show to new heights. The one that stood out was the four show crossover between Fire, Med PD and the newly but canceled Justice. That was a damn blockbuster movie to say the less. That blew me away, and I had a hard time processing what was going on because it was so emotionally good. 

Antonio left CPD to join with Justice, but when season five begins, expect him to come back home but in a very different home. 

Not to mention the relationship between Adam and Burgess was dicey as well. As soon as Burgess took the spot left on the Intelligence, Adam went to do some undercover stuff. But for him, it took him away til get back to his desk since Voight brought in a detective that he worked with back in the day. 

The Erin and Jay relationship was going to new levels, even living with one another at her place. Just when you thought that things were going so good for them, a shocking surprise comes along with a blast from the past of Jay's....his wife, who happens didn't sign the divorce papers. 

But near the end of the season, Erin goes a bit too far, farther than what Hank would have done. When a child goes missing and having the only suspect in questioning, she took to her power and tried to get him to confess but used force with her gun and that didn't end well at all. The heads of the CPD had to decide Erin's future, but an oppourntiy comes up when Bunny, Erin's mother, gets caught in a federal crime. The FBI from New York offers Erin a job in exchange for her mother to not go to jail, for which she took and didn't call or answer anyone near the end of the season finale, not even Jay. 

Now with Season 5 coming, there's new air in this season. Tracy Spiridakos now becomes a regular cast member on the show as Det. Hailey Upton, who was a guest in the last few episodes of season four. Also, there's a new showrunner, who's taken the show to a new level by telling stories that the real CPD are going through these days. 

I'm looking forward to what Season five will bring this season. I want to see how they tie Erin's story as well and how Jay will handle it. That was a total shock when Sophia Bush announced she wouldn't be back for season 5 and yet she told Seth Meyers that she was thrilled about the show getting renewed and Seth was happy that she would stay on the network as well. But maybe the writings were on the wall in the last couple of episode of season 4. 

The new season of Chicago PD begins tonight at 10/9c on NBC.