#ChicagoPD S4 Ep.3 "All Cylinders Firing" Recap and Review

I'm just going to say it... give Amy Morton the performer of the week!!!

This episode took the character Platt into a situation that we've never seen in the four seasons of CPD. When Platt gets attacked from an unknown person, Hank and the team goes far and wide to search for the person.

The team looks into those that had threaten Platt. There were things that even the Intelligence Unit didn't know she was doing, like being a security guard at a local liquor store. But it was that they didn't know that she came from a rich father, who had some business go under and still make a lot of money.

When Platt woke up, she gets the news that her father was also attack and died. That look from Platt gave to Erin was a look that has stuck into my memory. And yet she tells Erin and the gang that she doesn't know anyone that would want to attack her or her father, but it's Trudy, as she tells them no, she had that funny look.

When the Intelligence gets a good lead, Burgess tells Platt about a car. Platt knows who it was and leaves Chicago Med and goes after the man, McGregor, who had a hand in one of her father's businesses.

Platt catches him and gets him to cuff him. She takes him into a basement and beats him a few times but soon Voight comes in and tries to get her to tell him about the situation so he can help. I had a feeling that Voight would be coming to help her pulling another go after lead to the others.

From scenes of Hank and Platt in the basement to the final scene of Platt and Mouch at Med, it was literally the best 10 minutes of television I've seen so far. Emotions were set high at the beginning of the episode and emotions were overwhelming at the end. As I said at the beginning of this piece, "give Amy Morton the award for Performer of the Week.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Like it? Hate it? Leave a comment.

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