Confessions of a New Wynonna Earp Fan



So I will admit right away that I am a late "BloomEarper" (yes, I made that up.....don't judge me).  I have been wondering what was so special about this show called Wynonna Earp.  I remember thinking it was just a western action drama and wasn't sure how good it actually was and I didn't even read up about it.  Yeah, I know, I am such a total lame goob, right?

However, in my infinite boredom one day, home alone, I did what any normal 40 something, married, mother of two would do.  SIt my ass down and watch some show.  I decided to finally give Wynonna Earp a chance.  Well, was I shocked to find that it is exactly up my alley of types of shows I love.  It was total love at first watch!  From then on for the next few weeks, I would try to watch at least 3 episodes every other day or so.  Then one day, I realized I was on the Season 2 Finale.  The way it ended, broke my heart with Wynonna only holding her daughter for a short bit and Doc only seeing her for a brief minute before she gets whisked away out of the Ghost River Triangle.  I yelled, "This can't be it! This freaking show better still be on!"  Probably a good thing I was alone, otherwise my family would think I am certified nuts.  So, I instantly went online and rejoiced (yes, out loud again....good thing I was still alone).  I found out that there was a Season 3 coming, but it was only a month away!  Woo Hoo!

Again, as any totally sane, 40 something adult would do, I started to follow some of the  stars and started watching videos of interviews and panels at Comic Con (or other Cons).   Here is where I started day dreaming about ever going to SDCC or some of the other Cons.  Yes, sad long bucket list here, I won't go into details.  I digress......  Wynonna Earp in my opinion reminds me of a weird but awesome mixture of Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Supertnatural on steroids.  LOVE IT!

So basically, I just couldn't get enough of watching the show and learning more about it and the people involved.  Like how freaking cool is it that it is based on a comic (graphic novel),

or that Melanie Scrofano is my new favorite bad ass girl as Wynonna, 

Wynonna sure we havent dated.gif

 Dominique Provost-Chalkley is my new sweet heart of a GF with some sass as Waverly,

Waverly situation is balls.gif

Shamier Anderson is actually a bad ass but a softie at heart as Dolls


and Tim Rozon is my new favorite version of John Henry "Doc" Holliday I have ever seen.  He is so complicated, but loving, fearless and sometimes selfish with a splash of sexy.  

Doc l do look great.gif

How could I have missed this show?  I mean shows of the supernatural type is my thing (No...not American Horror Story type...just too much there....too much).  Supernatural is my all time favorite because I have watched those two boys for the last 13 seasons (since 2005) and now they are in their 14th season.  Wynonna Earp has a lot of what Supernatural does.  The best main characters, the best writers and producers, directors there are and some of the best one liners ever!  The fandom is also up there I have discovered and am very pleased to see that.  There are fandoms that get along and respect one another and then there are ones that I have been a part of (ahem...Outlander) that get down right mean and hurtful and weird (towards other fans and the stars).

So, I will say this about Wynonna Earp.  It is my new favoriite (ranks up on top with Supernatural) binge-worthy, addicting show with twists, turns and some of the best writing and LOL moments that have become a rarity in TV shows lately. However, be prepared.  Because if I have learned anything from Supernatural, is that there is always heartbreak somewhere along the way because if you fight the good fight against supernatural forces, someone is gonna get hurt or die.  On that note.... may this show have the good fortune of seeing its 14th season in the future! 

I will also be writing reviews / recaps of the new season.  Just be a little patient as I need to catch up with the writing part.  Hard enough to live tweet and watch let alone try to keep notes for writing.  Join me in the live Tweeting every week and keep an eye out here for my reviews!  Earp on fellow Earpers!