#CraxyEx-girlfriend 2x02 "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?" Recap & Review

Episode 2 we see Rebecca sort of taking a back seat allowing Paula, Greg, and Josh a chance to shine a little brighter.  While Rebecca isn't the driving force of this episode does not mean we see less of her, Rachel Bloom shines in her scenes with her young ping-pong instructor.  She spends the episode trying to get Josh to see just hoe awesome she is, leading to the catchiest tune of the episode Ping-Pong Girl.  Vincent Rodriguez III was perfect in his song this week and I can't wait to see more!  I have noticed that Josh rarely has fantasies/songs outside Becca's head, the one exception being last season's "Happy/Sad" which was mostly karate and dancing.

Paula's song was on point too! This Princess parody is some of the best TV this fall season, visually beautiful and technically pleasing.  Donna Lynne Champlin just gets better and better and I'm a die hard fan for life now!  Paula needs a recommendation for law school which her BFF Darryl is more that thrilled and willing to help out.  That sounds great and all but Paula already has her Bestie Rebecca on it, and we all now Becca is super reliable and selfless right??? Well, Becca does come through for Paula...late, but Darryl saved the day with his surprising adequate referral letter.  I'm super excited to see Paula kick ass in Law school, shes been a paralegal for long I'm sure she'll teach her Professors a thing or two. Everything seems to be coming up roses for Paula and I love her so much this season where as in the past I would get so frustrated with her wild antics. Here's hoping she continues to grow and not regress or fall back into old patterns.  Speaking of growth that I do not want to regress...

My favorite song of the episode Greg's drinking shanty!! It gets funnier every time I watch it, and is at the quality of "Settle for me".  Greg has been doing pretty great he's even bringing the donuts for his next AA meeting.  (Guardrail kinda stole ever scene he was in) Heather is just my everything, and she lays some pretty real truth on Greg this week "just because your getting sober doesn't mean you have to turn into a robot!" you can see the struggle Greg has while Josh cleanses his soul and spills the beans about him and Rebecca.  This leads to the very unexpected and super welcome "I could if I wanted to" reprise as Greg finally allows himself to express a real emotion without drinking.  White Josh and Hector worry about Greg when he doesn't show up at the ping-pong bar, and set out to find him but Rebecca channels her inner Paula and is the one to find Greg alone watching ducks. Nothing to worry about Greg didn't fall off the wagon, and he also reveals that he was on his way to confess his love to Rebecca.  Rebecca's world gets turned on it's axis and now she's doubting her feelings for Josh which have been so strong for so long.  Next's weeks episode promises to not only touch on the love triangle but slice it open and dissect it like a highschool anatomy project...(we dissected a pig my jr year- I cry and to this day i refuse to eat bacon! #piglivesmatter)

Stray observations and and all the funnies

  • Poor Bruno
  • White Josh can judge me any day anyway!
  • just Darryl in general
  • man Hector continues to kill it in this episode we demand more Hector "why are all of my friends in love with this girl??"
  • more Father Brah too!!
  • the return of Tom "tweedle dee dee"
  • "i just peed a little as i ran" Paula's song really was great y'all many will say it's better than Greg's and it may be true but I'm such a Santino fan he can do no wrong by me :)
  • that poor bush
  • Heather accepting Greg's fry apology for all the other stuff he should apologize for was very mature and probably why Heater is the most rounded and stable character on this show
  • another week with no Valencia...girl will be back soon the longer she's gone the worst the reunion will be I'm sure
  • Loved that Kevin was back this week too, this show has such great secondary characters--they need to have the Fondue kid come back, or the grocery store clerk that likes to dust potatoes I need to know how they're doing too!
  • anyone else catch that the fancy donuts came from a new backery on East Cameron???--nice little throw back to the season opener where Paula explains everything is on East Cameron!
  • "you horny monsters"
  • the return of the Emory sweater, I wonder if Becca's friend Emory hugs her Rebecca sweater the same way? :)
  • love that Paula's marriage seems to be doing stronger than last year and Scott was super sweet this week!
  • Rebecca is better than Paula's kids
  • #sexypingpong
  • there's only one rule to staying sober...ONE RULE!!
  • people need to stop letting Greg drive their cars...and planes

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