#Scorpion S3 Episode 4 "Little Boy Lost" Recap & Review

Toby goes to see Collins in jail in order to get information about Happy's husband. Giving him a riddle to solve for his name. At the garage, Walter creates the U-dog at the suggestion of Elia as a way to occupy his time. 

At his field trip, Ralph befriends Daniel, a classmate that has nonverbal autism who goes missing after he takes the wrong tablet. Walter and Cabe head to the train station where Daniels mother says the noise soothes him. 

walt, sly and Toby search the tunnels that lead to water which leads them to a brewery. After handing a s6 Merc the tablet Daniel falls into the silo walter Jumps I'm after him to save him.

Back at the garage daiel shows them a building that he marked becuase he saw it on s6's tablet. Walter figuring out that the sniper with the smart bullet is aiming at a propane tank to maximize damage at a political rally is able to thwart his plan. Daniel thanks scorpion for saving his life. Toby finds out that walter is married to happy by solving Collins riddle Happy's asks for a divorce becuase she is now pregnant.

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