#DarkMatter S3 Ep 7 "Hot Chocolate" or Never Trust an Android Recap & Review

I am not sure if it was Ripley's advice in Aliens or watching Blade Runner but never trust an Android unless it is C-3PO. Please do not tell me about Data he betrayed Capt, Picard more than once. The Raza's favorite android, unfortunately, the center point of Four's takeover of the ship.

The episode starts with a conference of reps from the colonies attempting to form an alliance against the Corporations. Six is leading the negotiations which are deadlocked and appear hopeless. Meanwhile, the Android is acting stranger than normal and raising inquiries from five. The conference collapses when one of the reps is murdered and Six calls for a breakup of the conference.

The evacuation fails as the ship is invaded by another Four clone along with an attack force. The mutiny and assault spearheaded by the Android who has been hacked by Four's forces.The attack involves some great action including an extended martial arts fight between 2 and 4. 

The episode involves a plan between 5 and Sara to defeat the hacker and the attack. Just as the show always provides humor complex relationships but a continued connection for the original six. It was another strong episode that I would rate an 8. 

Never trust a droid.