#DarkMatter S3 Ep 9 "Isn't That a Paradox? Best Syfy Fun Ep Since Firefly Ep 3 Jaynestown.

Wow, what a great episode is expanding the characters even more but at the same time solving the DM universe. This was a classic episode which drew inspiration from some classic SyFy. They also in keeping with past seasons threw us a light episode that used the traits we love all our characters.

What starts as an accident the Blink drive transfers the ship and crew 600 years back in time. The Android informs the crew that at that time the only humans were on their first planet Earth. They head for Earth searching for materials that may aid the repair of the ship or in the alternative as the only places to live. While in orbit the additional scan blink drives on the surface and fear it may be another time traveler attempting to alter time.

In what to me is a flashback to Star Trek 2.26 Assignment Earth the crew heads down to investigate and possibly stop the future from being altered.This time instead of Kirk and Spock heading to NASA our DM team including the Android lands in suburbia. The Android sets them up at a house with ID's and a minivan. Two and Three are married with five as their daughter while the Android is Two's sister with Six as her husband. 

Hijinx prevails between neighborhood parties shopping and suspects. The neighbor's son suspect they are criminals until the kids see their ship and determine they are aliens. All in all, without ruining the continuous silliness in this ep I would give it a nine. Every Syfy show needs these episodes, and Dark Matter continues to deliver.