DC's #LegendsofTomorrow S2 Ep 11 & 12 "Turncoat" & "Camelot/3000" Recap & Review


This episode was an 8

“The British are coming the British are come” The Legends fight with their found and former captain to save America by save George Washington.

The Legion of Doom tampered with Rip mind, and the episode started where it left off with him killing George Washington. It was Christmas Day of 1776 in New Jersey, and Rip is telling thesolider that General Washington is dead. Rip lead the British army against the Legends as he knew they would go back in time to save George and America. Thorne told Rip to kill the legends and take their fragment of the spare of destiny and bring it to him, I must say it is so cool yet so scary at the same time to see Rip like being the bad guy.

Gideon is still processing the information from the amulet but not moving fast enough for the team ask Jax and Sara are worried about Rip being tortured by the legion of doom. A time massive time quake informing the team of George Washington’s dead and immediately Sara knew it was a trap by Throne but had no choice as it is a huge admiration.

While the Legends are preparing to travel back in time to 1776, Rip is preparing his army to kill them. Pennsylvania 1776 the team goes undercover at Washington’s party a few minutes later they were attacked and Sara and Mick escort Washington, while Rip and British troops arrive, armed with modern assault rifles, and Amaya, Nate and Ray stayed back to fight. Ray Atom suit dies when Rip disable the team technology and then later shot Sara and left her to die. Rip and his army took Mick and Washington into custody.

Sara hand, the reins over to Jax, has she hangs on to life, Jax sends Amaya and Nate to save Washington and Mick, while he and shrunken Ray stayed back and tried to get Gideon back online to help save Sara. Rip attack the Waverider and Jax tries to keep Rip occupied, shrunken Ray works to fix the Waverider, and Martin attempts to remove the bullet from Sara to buy her some time until they can get Gideon back online.  

Outside the Waverider Nate give Amaya a lesson on modern day dating, but got interrupted when Amaya notice that they were being followed, they got into a fight and Nate is tossed off a cliff into the water, and Maya sealed up and went after him. Maya was able to get Nate back to safety, but his body was freezing so she had no choice but to use body heat to help big his body temperature back to normal, which lead to something more intimate.  

Washington was informed that it was not a war but and rebellion and he and Mick will be hanging the next morning. Mick and Washington come up with and escape plan (after giving Washington a lesson on what it means to be American). Rip tries to use Jax’s father as a method to get him to join him when Jax refuses he tries to kill him until Jax told him that he knew where the piece of the Spear fragment is being kept. 

When Jax refuses to tell him where the Fragment was he continues to try to kill Jax when he failed he found a wounded Sara and Martin, know Martin out and uses Sara as leverage to get Jax to give him the Spear fragment before snapping her neck. 

Jax is determined to find Rip and kill him after he Snaps Sara’s neck after he told him where the fragment was and Ray races again time (or a Rat) as Gideon needs to be restored to save Sara. The Waverider is restored in time to bring Sara back to life, Mick and Washington fight for their way out and was later accompanied or save by Amaya and Nate. Jax caught up to Rip and threaten to kill him but was stopped by Sara who stops him from protecting his humanity and Rip walks away with the fragment. Things are back to normal on the Waverider or as normal, and it can get, and Amaya tells Nate they should remain friends, and the team celebrates Christmas on the Waverider.

Overall it was a good episode; I am stilling having a hard time seeing Rip playing for the dark side. It was the best episode this season, but it was enjoyable, and the girly side of me like that Nate and Amaya got together. Love that Mick the rebel got a statue made of him and that we got see another side of Jax. 


I would rate this episode an 8.

“We are Camelot.”

The episode open with Rip traveling to Detroit 3000 to visit Charles McNider another holder of the piece of the Spare of the fragment and cut him open to get it out. The legends traveled to the year 3000 but arrived too late, and Amaya let the legends know that the dead was Charles aka Dr. Midnight of the JSA. Dr. Midnight left a message in his blood, telling them that Rip was his killer. Back on the Waverider, the legends concluded that Rip has regained his memory and knows where the fragment of the sticks is hidden, Amaya is not taking Dr. Midnight’s dead very well and blames Sara for letting Rip go at the end of “turncoat.” 

Gideon locates the next fragment in medieval England in 507 A.D. during the age of King Arthur. Mick discovers that Martin took a piece from Dr. Midnight lab while the other legends head to Camelot to request an audience the King Author. They are intercepted by Guinevere in the woods, who takes them to see Arthur upon Ray of the Palms request. 

King Arthur inform the legends that his knights are kidnapped by the Black Knight, and Ray assures Arthur that they are not his enemy but a warrior on a quest against evil, Arthur is summoned his advisor Merlin who turn out to be Stargirl of the JSA.  She explains that Rip divided the Spear into four pieces and took one and gave three other members of the JSA a piece and send them into different time periods, and when she arrived in Camelot, she formed the Knights of the Round Table to protect hers. 

The legions dine at the round table, and Amaya asks Stargirl to tell her where she hid the fragment, and she told her to trust her that it was in a safe place. Sara and Guinevere hit it off over their mutual warrior spirit, while Arthur and his knight are out hunting they got intercepted by Darkh and Rip who took control of Arthurs mind with a device from the year 3000. With Arthur under the Legion control, they try to use him to enter Camelot, threatening to kill Arthur unless the Spear is brought to them. Galahad is killed, and the Legion takes Arthur to ensure that their demand is met.

Guinevere is dismay at Arthur seemly betrayal, but Sara explains that it was not Arthur’s fault and she needs to step and be the true leading that she is telling her that sometimes the mantel just falls in your lap and she was a brave and a natural born commander. Amaya continues to try to get Stargirl to reveal the where is she is keeping the fragment, and she keeps refuses to divulge the whereabouts. On the Waverider Martin is making progress with the device he took and telling Jax who he taught was Mick that it contains a form a receiver, which made Jax panic that him taking the device would cause an admiration.

After explaining what the device does (being a transmitter and a receiver), Martin, Jax, and Mick came up with a plan, to find someone with a preternatural brain and Martin voluntaries and suggest that the control Mick. While the Darkh and knights get ready to fight, Martin is not making any headway in controlling Mick but realize that the device has been using meaning the Legion is heading to Camelot.

Guinevere, gather the remaining Knight and inspire them to fight and ask them to fight with her and Ray decides to join the fight. Meanwhile, Amaya steals the fragment, which has been forged into Excalibur, but Stargirl catches her in the act. After a few exchange of words, Amaya realizes that Stargirl has fallen in love with Arthur, and doesn’t want to leave Camelot, so she entrusts it to them. 

Ray refuses to leave after the fragment is recovered, even after Nate told him that he saw his death. After some
deliberation, the rest of the legends decides to join Guinevere and the knight while Jax, Martin, and Mick stay back to devices a way to reverse the Legion's brainwashing, and Arthur controlled Rip.

Mick was able to take over the transmitter and Darkh, Rip and the Knights were victorious, and Arthur is free from the mind control. Ray pursues a fleeing Damien and gets shot, but survives due to his suit's armor. Sara and the Legends Imprisoned in the Waverider. The legends say goodbye to the Camelot crew, and Sara and Guinevere shared a kiss after Ray advice “every good legend end with a kiss.” After a threat from Jax, Rip contacts Gideon, who has been programmed to be loyal to him. 

Overall another good episode my favorite scenes where definitely between Mick and Martin over whose brain is stronger. I excited to see what is going to happen now that Rip is on the Waverider and his is the main captain especially in Gideon eyes (any prediction leave it in the comments).