#Killjoys S2 Episode 1: Dutch and the Real Girl Recap & Review

What an awsome introduction to the season 2, I'm not going to lie as my expectations were all over the place before the Killjoys S2. Why you may wonder? Too many shows fall short on excitng its viewers when its return for a second season especially after a great introduction of the previous one which sometimes can break or make the show.

From the hype I got, it's safe to say that this episode has pleased many of its fans, the fact that it has pick up right where it left off is a great. With 10 episodes per season, I'm both so prepare and excited on what season 2 has to offer.

For those who aren't familiar with the show yet, here is a quick recap while inside me wondering where the hell have you been!

Killjoys is based on the journey of the trio space bounty hunters - Dutch, Johnny and his estrange brother D'avin taking on interplanetary missions to serve warrants on bad guys (criminals, most wanted etc…) throughout a distant system named the Quad. Dutch, real name Yalena under the training of the deadly Khlyen is a former childhood assassin who saved and forms an alliance with Johnny Jaqobis and the team become complete when they decided to not hand D'avin over to pay for his crimes but instead becomes part of the team due being Johnny's brother. Bellus is the mother – meaning the Killjoys controller; Pree, our favourite Bar owner with a mouth full of catch phrases; we also have Alvis, the leader of the religious group Scarbacks; Pawter, the disgraced doctor from one of the rulling families; Fancy Lee, the competing bounty hunter and without forgetting Lucy the best spaceship ever housing our trio.

Last season ended with the bombing of the Old Town: Dutch, Johnny and Pree escaped while D'avin was kidnapped by Khlyen to be sixed with Fancy Lee which introduced us to Red17 and also Pawter choosing to go with Alvis hidding in a bunker.

Last episode blew my mind and now the temporare duo (Dutch & Johnny) plus Pree were on D'avin rescueing mission, after some failed attemps they contacted Bullus who clue them on how to pass through the Arkyn defense shield but first they will need to recover an illegal piece of tech at Eulogy meaning more undercover mission. Pree was the star and which makes me concluded that he is more than just a Bar owner, surprised await them in the form of Clara the human carrying shield who is willing to help them get onto Arkyn in return for being freed from Eulogy (Clara played by Stephanie Leonidas, from Defiance – wishing to see more of her in the future).

Khlyen! Where do you begin? He was my MVP, I always thought that there were more to him then meet the eyes, we are yet to discover but why did he had to risk his own life (even though I'm not sure if he can be killed) to let D'avin escapes and tells him that he had to be sixed to go back to Dutch for her protection against something bigger. When D'avin is rescued, he tells the team that Khlyen isn't the enemy and he is actually not part of the Red17 and he is there just to protect Dutch and also that Fancy Lee is a Level 6.

So we learnt that there is more to Dutch, who is she and why? What is this conspiracy? Why is the Quad symbol so involves? Why did Fancy rescue Khlyen from being sent to “Te Lady”? Who are the Blackroots and what happened to the Old Town? This question always bother me, is Khlyen Dutch's real father? All these questions point out that we are getting another great season ahead and we shall be excited to unfold it episode by episode.