#Empire Recap: One Before Another S3 E5

We all was happy the World Series was finally over. We expected this episode to air on November 2, but it didn't air until November 9. However, a few did get to see this episode on a link that was posted on Facebook but disappeared so quickly. Either way, this episode was a must-see.

Episode 5: Jamaal in the studio with the down low producer. He wanted more then Jamaal wanted to offer.  Protection for the Lyons Family is in high gear. Shine is out for blood with the Lyons clan being his target. Cookie date with Angelo interrupted due to the high alert security Luscious has ordered for his family. A jammed gun and Nessa saves Andre life. Shine shows up at Jamaal's house, cocked, loaded and ready to kill Andre. Andre showed no fear standing their shirtless (yassss). Luscious gathers the family together to inform them of the fight with him,  Shine and Andre. He let them all know to be alert because Shine is going to retaliate. This news makes Hakeem worry about his Empire Live XStream performance. Luscious, focus is only on Empire Live XStream, so he orders Hakeem to still do his performance. Jamaal is trying to get back out there because his fan base is fading, he asks Hakeem to hook up with him on a song, and they perform it on his Live XStream Performance. Hakeem wants to clap back at Gram, but Jamaal uses Bella to convince him to let that beef go and do the performance with him. Hakeem does agree to share the spotlight with Jamaal. Becky fighting for her shine in Empire goes left. She lies to Tiana about recording her next single that was denied by Cookie. Then later get her kicked off Tiana's A&R team. Anika aka BooBoo Kitty saves the day with Luscious and Shine. She announces Luscious is giving Shine is own blueprint. Shine agrees to the terms with the condition Freda will be on his team. Cookie PO put the press on her, and she thinks Angelo is behind but she is wrong. Luscious adds fire to Hakeem that leads him and Jamaal to have words during the Empire Live XStream rehearsal. Jamaal runs to Cookie, and as always she sets Jamaal and Hakeem straight. And she loves smacking Hakeem. Meanwhile, Empire Live XStream numbers are at a stand still.

Luscious needs those numbers to climb so he adds fuel to the fire with Hakeem. Hakeem and Jamaal are about to go live. Hakeem had plans to hook up with Nessa afterward, but Luscious informs Hakeem that Andre already had Nessa. During Jamaal and Hakeem live performance, Hakeem went on a rampage. He dissed both his brothers live. Cookie was trying to stop the live streaming; Luscious was trying to keep the live streaming going and Andre Jamaal and Hakeem ready to go to war ...all being aired live. Angelo not ready to let Cookie go, he vows to fight for her even if he has to fight Luscious. Shine teams up with Tyrik and gives him information about Frank Gathers death and Luscious involvement -maybe. We also learn it was Tyrik that had Cookie's PO down her back. 

Episode 5 was turned up and made the wait worthwhile. We can't wait to see what happens next. Catch Episode 6 Chimes at Midnight on Wednesday, November 16, 2016, on Fox at 9 pm. Tune into my recap and review to follow. 

 Season 3 has great music and twist and turns we didn't see coming. 

Season 3 has great music and twist and turns we didn't see coming. 

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