#Empire S3 E5 One Before Another REVIEW

This episode had my mouth open and on the floor too many times.  This family is so dysfunctional. I thought my family was dysfunctional... Omggg. 

Jamaal is still not his self. What will it take for him to get back on stage and shake his fear? I have to agree with Luscious Jamaal is like him with a twist, but I think all of his kids have him in the. Poor Bella,  she will be the pawn that will be used to yoke Hakeem every which way.  

Andre is moving on from Rhonda but not. And I guess we will never see a funeral or memorial for Rhonda. We need to let that go. I wonder if that didn't happen because of she a ghost now...hmmmm. Nessa and Andre..still don't know how I feel about them as a couple. I don't know about yall but seeing Andre shirtless was great eye candy. 

I don't know what is really going to happen between Cookie and Angelo. I don't see that becoming serious at all. I truly feel they are too different. That's it, and that's all about that. 

I don't like that Becky is being pushed to the side. She has been very supportive of Empire and the Lyon family through everything so I don't feel she shouldn't be listened to and valued. 

Hakeem, took things to a new low, but I must admit his vocals and lyrics this season is a straight up beast. Yazz the greatest just truly been noticed this season for me. 

Luscious and Anika...hmmmm. I see the flames returning. He did love her at one point. He will never love anyone like he loves Cookie but for short, while he and Anika might hook back up.  

Shine lost his street credibility. How he is gonna, snitch tho. Really Shine!!! Smh!! And Tyrik, I just don't understand why he hates his brother so bad to see him under the jail. 

This episode gave me life. The music, the plots, the twist and I say again the music is all fire.  Let's not forget the funny punch lines...oh boy!!!

Catch some music from this episode and season. 

Stay tuned folks!!! 

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