#Empire Season 3 Ep. 4 “Cupid Kills” Recap & Review

See what happen in the hour of the Lyons.

First, let me mention that Andre seems to be in a better frame of mind in the start of the episode since Lucious brought him on a mission in the projects to sign a contract for Shyne’s sister Nessa who by the way we find out later in the episode that she is not his biological sister. Lucious and Andre arrive at where Shyne was and before the got in the building, Andrea heard Nessa voice through the window for the first time, and he seemed to be impressed. Before entering the studio a cop drove by and stared at Andrea and he stared back with si much anger in his eyes and his father reminded him that he was a part of the system. 

[Rant] I am still mad about the ending of episode 2 where Andre get billed by the police, mainly because it does not make any sense, and what happen in court just pissed me off even more. The charges were stupid how do you assault someone coming out of their home, litterally in front of his house and he turn around getting the assault charge and resisting arrest [rant over].

Shyne meets Lucious with a gift for Anika and Andre, and Nessa had an instant connection, they could not take their eyes off each other, Shyne notices, but Lucious gets Andre attention away from Nessa to prevent a knockout. Andrea offer Shyne the contract telling him that he can look it over but no need, and Shyne wouldn’t be Shyne unless he made things complicated. Shyne told them that he couldn’t do that asking Lucious “what kind of business manager would I be if he didn’t entertain other offers” then introducing him to the competition, the look on Lucious’s face priceless. Shyne tells them they need to have their offer in by Friday 11:57 am, Lucious is pissed.

Lucious gets back to Empire, and he is putting it all on Becky for not sign a contract with Nessa weeks ago, and Becky used the opportunity to let him that it was not a part of her job and Cookie came in and let Lucious know that Becky was right. Lucious rebuffs Becky’s notion on promotion tell her that he was about to fire her. Cookie drops a bomb telling them that she hired Xavier Rosen as their new head of A&R, I must say I feel bad for Becky.

Cookie is concerned that Angelo has not called, but to her surprised he had some musical kids showing up play instrument and singer for her, and later asked her on a date to see an old friend of his perform. I think Angelo is trying too hard to be black, (I know, I know). Cookie agrees to the date. Porsha mentions to Cookie that Angelo may not be Lucious, but he knows how to show up.

This brings Cookie back to when her father wanted her to marry a nice guy and Lucious. We see her dad asking her about missing school and warning her away from spending time with the bad boy drugs dealer Lucious. Cookie tries to tell her dad that she was doing anything wrong because she was no messing with the drug, and her father tells her of the potential she has and how to see was different from her sisters. He reminded her about the plan for college, and she lets him know that it was about the music. 

Lucious tells Cookie that he is worried about her after ease dropping on her conversation. In the same breath, he tried to discourage Cookie from dating Angelo by mentioning that he has a string of social elite that he dates and he doesn’t know what he wants with her; he also mentioned that he is planning on running for mayor. Lucious is so grimy he was to marry, date, sex whoever he wants but while Cookie sits around and wait for him (he got some damn nerves.) Lucious ask Cookie if he thinks Angelo is going to walk around with a convicted felon on his arm if he becomes mayor. 

We see Hakeem for the first time this episode, and he is trying to convince his father to let him try to sign Nessa because he has a good relationship with both her and Shyne. Lucious told him gave the job to Andre, but been a good big brother Andre ask Lucious to let him team up with Hakeem, and he agreed. Lucious decides to give them a 2.5-million-dollar deal, telling that it was the only way close the deal and eliminate the competition. Andre asks to speak to Lucious alone to snitch that Jamal has been going to see Freda in lockup, and he planned on going back to see her. Lucious had his devil smile and welcomed back Andre telling him that they were going to become a power team again. However, the look and smile on Andre’s face have me a little suspicious of his true motive, because we all know he is crazy as hell. 

Jamal returns to see Freda and bring Phillip with him as support When Jamal sees Freda her face is brutally beaten, which breaks Jamal's heart and he was already feeling bad after their last visit. Jamal tells her that she can’t stay in their and ask her about her Lawyer and she tells him that the lawyer Lucious send was only there make sure she keeps her mount shut. Freda continues to apologize to Jamal and tells him that she deserved to be in jail for what she did to him. 

Meanwhile, Hakeem is hosting a signing part through is live Empire extra forum, and he brings in Shyne and Nessa, introducing her as the newest artist Empire signed. But the situation quickly went sideways when Shyne public shows empire offer to the competition telling that if they are coming, they better come with a better offer than 2.5 million. Hakeem is pissed. (Did you see Nessa's face when the pig came out, I laughter so hard.)

Cookie gets ready for her date with Angelo while sending advice to let Jamal not that his single need to be sexier suggesting that he listen to Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” (that is my song right there). 

Cookie also preps for Tianna performance on Empire Extreme. [Rant] that’s what Cookie decided to wear, she looks better in almost everything else she had put on; that red dress is awful, I am so disappointed that she wore that and I love Cookie in everything [ rant over]. The date went as expected in my book, and Cookie was like a fish out of water with those people, and she put them in their place a few times. The performance was incredible, but Cookie had no idea of what she was singing and Angelo explain that it about a woman caught between two men, I don’t know anything about Opera so no comment. The night did not end well for Cookie after overhearing the snooty ladies in the restroom talking about her so took her purse and left like only Cookie can.

Tiana expresses her discomfort of having two men fighting over her telling Cookie that she is an artist, not a reality show. Her state gave Cookie an idea for her performance at Empire extreme. Angelo seeks advice from Jamal on how to impress Cookie, and he tells him that they are from different work and suggested that he try to fit into Cookie world instead of always try to make her fit into his world. Jamal jokes asking him if he owns anything other than a suit and offers to hook him up with this stylist Apollo. Angelo asks Jamal if you sure he wanted to get Freda out and he yes because if he doesn’t know, they are going to kill her in jail. Angelo suggested using Non-Compos mentis (aka temporary insanity) as a defense to get Freda out of jail. Later Tiana performed on Empire extreme see performance below. 

Andre pays a visit to Nessa directly to try and convince her to sign with Empire. Andre uses the black card by explaining that in this country it always the black thing, Andre tells her that Shyne is using her and encourages her to take back what her brother left her and that she doesn’t know what she is worth. However, Andrea visit did not go unnoticed, and Shyne found himself at Empire and got in a fist match with Andre who whooped is ass (tell me in the comment how that scene made you feel because I want jumping up and down like a crazy person.) After getting is ass kick Lucious had him at gunpoint leaving him no choice but to sign with Empire.

Freda goes before the judge and with a kickass layer and Jamal testimony she was granted bail and free to go home. [Rant] I love Jamal to death but I think that was stupid, I don’t think Freda is going to let go off the fact that Lucious killed her father and that smile on her face at the end she is trouble and Cookie called it [ end rant]. 

Lucious tells Angelo how Cookie got her name and where they are coming from to where they are now. I must say I love the flash back scene with young Lauretha and Lucious. Lucious was subtly threating him that ifhe doesn’t walk away from Cookie he will end up like Barry.

Young Shyne and Lucious, they do go way back.

Young Shyne and Lucious, they do go way back.

Lucious congratulate Jamal on getting Freda out, telling him that sometimes you must do the wrong thing to get the right result and Jamal told him that he had before she got killed] Lucious confesses to having Freda beaten which surprised Jamal. [ Rant] why the hell does Lucious evil still surprises is family, it’s Lucious for god sake [ end rant]. Jamal was shocked to know that Freda played him and was down to get beaten up to play on his emotions, (I said it in the rant above). Lucious told Jamal that he was most proud of him for paying off the doctor to say Freda was temporarily insane in the letter to the judge and tells him that he was no different from him (now you know nobody wants to be told they are like Lucious.) Lucious explain that what Jamal did helps him because no matter what Freda say in court they won’t ever believe her meaning her going after him for killing her father is a no go. 

Jamal ask Philip if he thought he was a good person, he told that he was not in the position to judge and encourage him by telling him that what happen was not his fault. [Prediction] Philip is gay and Jamal is going to fall for him and they will sleep together or Jamal his going to try to kiss him and he will refuse him breaking up their friendship [ end of prediction]. Jamal ask Philip for his help managing his PTSD and he agrees. Jamal is mixing alcohol with is medication against Philips advice. 

Shyne get ready to take the fight to Lucious and Andre, and he has gather his crew and next episode the war between Shyne and father and son begins.

Nessa pays Andre a visit and she seduces Andre with the help of his dead wife Rhonda, yes I said, Rhonda. At first, Andre tells Nessa that he can't and that he wanted to but she just can't, then his crazy kicked in and his dead wife tells him that it would be like old times and they could do her together. 

This was another incredible episode of Empire in the comment let me know what was your favorite scene or which scene made you mad. Also remember to like and share below.